Thursday, December 5, 2013

This Life

Sometimes this life I get to live is just too much...too incredible...too, beyond what I ever thought it would be.

This week has been fun and exhausting and worth officially breaking my running streak for! Because of work I was gifted tickets to see Fuerza Bruta on Tue and Big Fish (I loved it, theater critics you are WRONG!)  last night which meant 2 days in the best city in the world.  Plus I got to ski on Sun, I lost 3 pounds (the 3 I had gained) and I get to hang with my friends and smile and know, poop rainbows and unicorns. 

So without sounding ridiculous, I'm just happy.  Happiness comes easy to me, but there was a time where I was literally drowning in the life I created.  I was fat, I drank (wayyyy to much) smoked (waaaaaay too much) was negative all the time and was basically living life with my eyes closed. 

Today?  Today, I have changed all of that and then some.  I've talked about all of this before, so while it's redundant, I'm feeling too good not to share. 

My guess is that most readers are somewhat on a healthy life mission, because I for one was not reading about running when I was struggling through my early 20's. But just know that if life sucks, it can change. You don't have to get stuck in a rut, ever. 

Ok, so off my optimistic soap box, back to the reality which is a pile of work I have to get to.

Tonight, tonight is back to crossfit or a run.  Ahh, this life!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Breaking the Streak

I broke my streak! AHH! To be fair, I was up at 4:30, in the pouring rain, to go ski.  I think the new rule is run everyday except for ski trips, because realistically I can always get in one mile. 

I've managed daily crossfit and running and almost no bagels.  My nutritionist will be happy, hopefully. 

The goal was to consume no man made carbs (with the exception of Thanksgiving) to see a jump in weight loss and to cleanse me from what is seriously a full blown carb addition (I know! That sounds ridiculous, but it's true!!).  I failed, but I'm down I think 2 pounds (of the 3 I had gained back). 

Tomorrow I weigh in. 

And somehow this post went from my running streak to weight loss.  Sigh...