Sunday, January 25, 2009

Running and Yoga - a Tasty Combination!

I've been really try to mix up my workouts a bit - mainly so I don't burn out, but also because I really want to lose the last bit of weight I have hanging around. With that I have been lifting more, running more and practicing yoga. My gym has an awesome yoga program, so I've been trying to make 2 classes a week. I think it's helping, I feel stronger and more clear headed, so we'll see how it goes. This morning I stopped by my friends studio for a hot yoga class with a friend - this was after a 4 mile run in the FREEZING cold!! I ran a nice 9:20 pace which I was pretty happy about, especially since I have been on the mill or running by myself. I was planning on the half, but this day turned out way better!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thinking about the half

I am considering running the NYC half put on by the NYRRC on Sunday. I haven't trained, and to be honest have not really been running all that much. I am running hills tonight, so if I feel OK, then I'll sign up. This will be a first for me, but I figure how bad can it be?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

San Diego Here I Come!

If you read my last post, you can probably tell that I have some commitment issues, that being said I am committed to running San Diego in May. I am a mix of excited and nervous with a little WTF mixed in. I have a training plan, a partner and a plan, now let's see if I can follow it!!!

I am committed however to my blog. It helps me keep focused. The past few weeks have been insane, my dad was in the hospital, the holidays took over and needless to say my blogging has suffered, but I am back, committed to writing thoughtful and less boring entries. Woo-hoo!!

I also want to wish everyone a happy New Year, may all your resolutions, wishes and good vibes happen for you on 09!!!