Sunday, January 25, 2009

Running and Yoga - a Tasty Combination!

I've been really try to mix up my workouts a bit - mainly so I don't burn out, but also because I really want to lose the last bit of weight I have hanging around. With that I have been lifting more, running more and practicing yoga. My gym has an awesome yoga program, so I've been trying to make 2 classes a week. I think it's helping, I feel stronger and more clear headed, so we'll see how it goes. This morning I stopped by my friends studio for a hot yoga class with a friend - this was after a 4 mile run in the FREEZING cold!! I ran a nice 9:20 pace which I was pretty happy about, especially since I have been on the mill or running by myself. I was planning on the half, but this day turned out way better!!


tfh said...

Wow, four miles at a great pace and then hot yoga-- sounds like a wonderful day indeed, and perhaps more balanced than the half, too.

Michelle said...

YES thanks for reminding me about Cow Harbor!!

I am there for sure this year!!!

You didn't make it for the Half marathon? Thats ok there's many more!!!