Thursday, December 22, 2011

On Breaks and General Business and Weight and Boys and....

I have to remind myself that breaks have to happen, and although I may feel lazy, I'm not, just a little busy.

Last week I only Crossfitted 2 days, but I also ran twice (both 3 miles). The weekend was busy with family things and boy things and overall good things, so three miles was all I could squeeze in.

The plan was to go to Fusion last night, but I had to pick up CC (the boy, we are back, don't judge, but something truly miraculous happened, post to follow) from the car place so I had to scrap that plan. Tonight is secret santa at the office and a doc appointment so it looks like I'll have another day off. I don't mind taking the time off, but the crazy thing is that I MISS working out. Like a lot!

Other news, I'm out of the 160's, which I have been sitting in for quite sometime, I'm am beyond happy abut this one. I can see my body changing from Crossfit and overall I'm a better stronger runner. I can't wait to see how I improve and change over this next year.....hmmm....I smell a "2012 Goals for the Year" post coming soon :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Checking In

This month is FLYING by! I still have all my shopping to do which thankfully I don't have a lot of people to buy for. My challenge is going well, dating is going ok and life is sort of happening - good, bad, all around I'm doing a-ok!

I have been killing my workouts, I'm keeping up with my Crossfit goals, haven't gone to spin or yoga but I've managed a few runs. I'm also tracking my food on Daily Plate. Overall I'm feeling on track and I'm pretty sure I lost a few pounds.

I also got my first ripped callous thanks to a 173lb sumo dead lift. I'm officially badass!

Friday, December 9, 2011

The ULTIMATE December Goal

I have to start posting a bit more, my blog is lacking variety, my last 3 posts have been about December goals. I guess I'm overly excited about this.

Ok, well, I'm super excited to let you all know that the one goal I wasn't sure I'd make, I made.

I went on a date.


And I think I like him.


I joined Match on Tue, date by fri. Not too shabby.

He works about a block away so we went for pizza, nice and easy. He's cute, funny, a little cocky and something different. We shall see where it goes, but for now I'm happy that I met a goal I wasn't sure I'd make.

Maybe it's true what they say, if you blog abut it, it will happen? (Field of Dreams reference...anyone?).

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December Goal Update

Ok, So I am a week into my December goals and I'm right on track... maybe posting goals will work for me, lol.

Here is where I am at:

Dec 1 and 2: Crossfit
Dec 3: 7 mile run
Dec 4: 5k
Dec 5: off!
Dec 6: Crossfit

This week is going to be tough, I have 2 holiday parties this week which means I HAVE to get in my workout before work. It also means Crossfit may only happen 3 times.

My food has also been really good. I've cut back on bad carbs, mainly eating salads with either fresh tuna or steak. I have to lay off the sweets though, yesterday I had a few brownie and today a greek shortbread cookie or two.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Will Run For Pancakes

Yesterday was the Gary Mintz Memorial Pancake run. Pancakes and running? Yes please.

I was pretty gung-ho to run until I actually had to get up. I wanted to bail but I was really going to keep my buddy Sully motivated. He's at the point in his running where 5k's keep him going from week to week so I wanted to give him some support and I figured the free pancakes at the end would be incentive enough to get out of bed.

The plan was to run with Sully, which was good because I was sore from back squats and my 7 miler on Sat and he's super slow (sorry Sul.) Just as we were about to go to the start he was like no way, run on your own, this is too much pressure...I totally get it. So I headed to the start did a quick warmup and we were off.

There is literally nothing exciting about this course, it's flat and in a rather non-descript neighborhood. I had no watch and there was only one clock at mile 1 so I really had no idea what my pace was and I was ok with it. I ran by feel and although I knew my HR rate was up, I wasn't killing myself. I ended up with a very tiny 5k PR 27:21 which was cool (back in '06 when I ran it last I finished in 34:44, holy shit I was slow, lol).

The funny part is we ended up bailing on the pancakes....we decided to Glenn's instead, there is literally no better place to talk about running then Glenn's. Hapi (the owner and my good friend) is a marathoner, most of the Massapequa Park Runners Club were there plus a few assorted other local runners. Glenn's is always a good time, so if you are ever in Babylon after a race, keep your number on and go there for breakfast.

The rest of the day was pretty blah. I saw the boy's sister at the race so I was a little in my head, but I got over it...eventually, lol!

Friday, December 2, 2011

December Goals

I love reading "goal" posts. Beth always does this, as does Danielle and I really look forward to seeing how well they and others bloggers do, makes me feel super motivated about my own stuff.


For December I will:
Crossfit 4x per week
Run at least 2 times per week
Spin 1x per week
Yoga 1x per week

This means doubles some days. I'm ok with that and I'm talking 3 miles here and there, nothing too crazy, I want to see how I progress with Crossfit now that I'm at the new box.

Eat less meals out
Focus on seriously reducing my (bad) carb intake

Go on at least 1 date

I think these are all totally attainable, the challenge will be finding a balance with my working out vs. my other life stuff. I'm pretty sure if I can get up early for some of my workouts I can do this.

The food stuff is already off to a good start, I have made all my meals since Tuesday and am already down a few pounds (I think those "5" were mainly water weight from eating out too much).

My most exciting goal: 1 date - game is on!!!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Old Box? New box? No Box?

I have been thinking a lot lately about Crossfit and whether or not it's for me. I had wanted to join for quite awhile and finally bit the bullet in August. I knew I wasn't going to be a die hard right away, I had the marathon to think about, so hitting up the box 4 days per week wasn't going to happen. I was happy with my 2 -3 times per week, but wasn't really seeing any major notable change that I couldn't attribute to the running. Anyway, I kept with it and now I'm sort of feeling like it isn't for me.

Or could it be that my current box isn't for me?

I want to love it, but really I think that where I am going is the problem. I'm not really motivated to go, it's far enough where I feel it's out of the way, but close enough that I can and should go more than I am. I'm also not digging the culture. I'm old (ok, 34) the average age is like 20 something, male.

A few weeks ago I posted about a new box opening, which really got me to think about EXACTLY what I am looking for...close to home, clean, fun, supportive (and by supportive I mean be happy that I'm running marathons, don't look down on it!). I'm not sure the new place will have that, but for now I know Lindy is out. It's not meeting my needs, so why try and force a square peg into a round hole?

I have decided to check out Crossfit Fusion which is literally 400 yards from my office. They seem to have nice thing going on, I have been checking out their blog for quite sometime and it seems more my speed. I had a long talk with the coach this morning and I'm going to do a WOD there tomorrow. If I like it I'm going to sign up for Dec. There are a tons of pro's: close to work (so no reason why I cant go 4x per week), clean, I know a few people there, from what I can tell a nice culture, people more my age. The only con is the price, they are expensive! I'll be looking at $150 per month VS $100.

I'm going to miss Lindy and my coach, but if it's not working it's not working. I'm committed to giving CF another go at a new place, if I'm still on the fence, I'll bail and go back to Fitness Incentive as my main gym. I do know this, I have to DO WORK in order to see results, feel a part of and really love it, so along with my goals from yesterday, this is one that I am definitely going to work at.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5 Pounds!

The scale told me I gained 5lbs. It's probably more like 3 which is better but still not cool.

Post marathon carb sessions are ending today. Same with the candy. I've had a lot of pizza and chocolate the last few weeks, although I'm running and crossfitting, my runs are short, no more torching 1,000 calories at a clip and sometimes I question CF, but that's another post for a different day.

This past week with Thanksgiving and the GNY Dental show I have done nothing but eat, and although I PRd at the SJB 4k (21:24), I need to get back on track in a few big ways.

So here goes:
Cardio: I need it, I love it, so I'm going to do it. I'll add in some spin to mix up the running.

Crossfit: 4x per week. This is going to be a challenge.

Food: big time limit on bad carbs - no more bagels and a big hell-no! to pizza (ok, no more than 1x per week, also a challenge, but one I can completely control (gulp!!).

And for good measure, not caring who/what/when/where or why when it comes to the boy. Ya know, because I always need to be reminded.

On a sad, somewhat personal note, an old acquaintance passed away on Sat. Carmine was loved by many and died pretty tragically. Drugs kill, ugh, another life wasted, but I know in my heart of hearts that something good will come out of this tragedy. Everyday counts and everyday I am grateful that I completely changed my life 8 years ago.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another PR!

I'll take any PR, even little 10 second ones, but it's the bigger ones that really get me going!

Sunday I ran the Evelyn Knapp Memorial Run which is one of my all time favorites. I ran this last year as well, so I knew the course pretty well and I had a little plan in my head. It's hilly cross country course with 2 killer hills: suicide and cardiac, but also a few forgiving flats and downhills. They switched things up so the 2 hills were basically back to back, which both sucked and was ok, after cardiac I knew it would be easy peasy so I could bust out my faster pace, but those 2 in a row are hard on the legs and lungs!

First mile I tried to run conservatively, I'm really working on negative splits and not burning out. Even though this was only a 5k, I didn't want to go balls to the wall then walk the end. My first mile was I think a 9 minute pace, 2nd mile closer to 11 because of the hills, mile three was in the 8's - I was flying and feeling really good. Overall, I think my strategy worked. I ended up with just over a 1 minute PR and the cool thing is that I felt like I could have maintained that 8ish pace for a few more miles. I'm still amazed that I'm speedy after all that marathon training!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Holy Blog Whore

I have been on a blogging tare lately! I've also been commenting up a storm which is not something I always do. Ali may think I'm stalking her. Seriously, I leave a lot of comments, it's getting weird.

I'm also noticing a spike in my own traffic, so I officially have more than 5 readers which is pretty cool. When I say that I've been blogging mainly for me, to keep myself accountable, document my goals and ect for the future, I really meant for me. I had no readers for awhile there, and then my lone 5. Thank you lone 5, I heart you all!

Last night I participated in the SRC's Run to the Brewery training run. It was fun, they were fast and it was dark. I should have worn my trusty headlamp.

If I run the last run with them in Dec I totally will. Sayville is dark!

The run itself was really well organized, there were 2 options a 5 and an 8 miler, no pace leaders or anything like that, but there was a guy on a bike making sure everyone was ok and well marked streets, it would have been hard to get lost.

SRC is a fast group, their Tue night store runs are out of my league and I knew a lot of those runners would be there, I also knew there would be some slower peeps as this is a training run for a race in Jan. What I didn't realize was there would be no one in my pace range. I ran a steady 9:30 pace by myself. I was truly a "middle of the pack" runner last night, which was cool, but lonely and a little boring. It was dark so I couldn't really scope out the neighborhood and as a rule I don't listen to music when running at night. My plan was to run 8, but I bailed at 5, mainly out of boredom.

Overall it was a great time and I picked up this sweet shirt, It's a little tight, but I HAD to have it. After the run we all got a ticket for a free beer at Crickets, I bailed on the social aspect and met up with my boys for wings instead.

Couldn't sleep this morning and per usual Olive Marie (the cat from hell) woke me up at 5:30 so I decided to head to spin. It's been awhile, the class was packed and it was Fri morning ritual maybe? Hmm...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pictures of My Box (TWSS!)


Crossfit has been this weird thing that I do that no one seems to understand and I can't completely explain.

I do know this it's hard and I love it. I work out in a box, doing functional exercise and sweating... a lot, sometimes on top of other peoples sweat which is gross and sometimes reminds me of why I think hot yoga is a little icky.

I digress.

The last few WODS have been so tough. I swear my workout on Sat left me drained for the entire day. I was also crazy sore until probably yesterday.

Last night, well, let's just say I was toast. I got promoted to a heavier kettle bell, it was heavy and hard and I loved it. I felt part of the crew and strong and all those good things that you feel after a really tough workout.

As much as I loved marathon training, I'm excited to ease up on miles to allow for more Crossfit workouts. My goal is to go no less than 3 times per week which I should be able to do fairly easily. I think the reason why I haven't had the post marathon blues is because I'm so excited to focus on something else. I have a goal and plan and I'm ready! Yesterday I spoke about possibly going to another gym once it opens, but I think I'm going to hold off, at least for right now. I'm pretty happy with the way things are (even if it is a little out of the way).

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Switching Gyms

I tend to be super loyal, to a fault even. Friends, family, I'm there for you, the boy, still there for him (dumb!)...the gym, still going strong after 8 years. So naturally I'm feeling guilty and stressed about possibly getting rid of my membership. I'm locked in to a pretty good rate, and I do like it there, but there is no pool and I'm thinking about tri's and with the added expense of Crossfit, I'm just not sure I will need the membership. Oh, and Crossfit, 2 members of my current gym are starting their own, I want to make the switch, it's closer to my house and I love the one coach, but again, I have this loyalty thing going on. Crossfit is still a fairly small community, so I would hate to rock the boat, but it may just make sense for me, I'm time crunched as it is and closer is always better.

Luxury problems.

It's rambling paragraphs like this that make me realize how good I have it.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Carb Overload

What is it about me and carbs? I just can't say no!

This morning I had some healthy Irish oats...then half of a not so healthy corn muffin followed by 2 slices of pizza. Holy carbo loading, with no big event to carb load for!

Aside from my bread bloat, I'm super sore. Wall balls killed me and I'm sure yesterday's run didn't help matters. I decided to take today off, which basically means morning workouts the rest of the week. I love the morning, but my bed usually wins. Sigh...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Run for the Warriors PR!

I love the Warrior Run, ran it last year and it easily became my favorite race.

This year was no different. The spirit on the course as well as the start is really amazing. Tons of vets run as well as active duty guys. This was a race that I for sure wish I was taking pics, there was a group of Navy guys all in formation, a few guys "bear crawling" at least the first mile with heavy pacs on. Good stuff.

I had no real strategy, I wanted to run it out and see how I would do. Yesterday was probably the hardest WOD I have done, so today I am crazy sore, plus I'm 7 days post marathon.

I was a total positive split, but only off by by 30 seconds from fastest mile to slowest mile, so not too bad. I kept in the low 9's, one mile in the 8's. I was crazy tight and my achilles got all wonky (always happens with new sneaks).

I had a feeling a PR was possible, but I couldn't remember what my time was last year, which i think was a good thing because I might have blown it had I known. Mile 6 was hard, but I just kept pushing and used the whole warrior mantra - if our service guys and gals can do their thing, I can do this.

Final time 57:29! Hootie hoo! A PR by 15 seconds, still counts!! Last year was also a PR on this course, I think it's a good luck 10k for me.

Aside from the great race, bands, opening ceremony, I spent some time with one of my old friends who I haven't seen in ages which was so fun, plus I hung with the who's who of the LI running scene (umm, or just regular runners that I'm friends with). My parents also came out to cheer me on, after the marathon they are getting the hang of being my own personal cheer squad!

Another great race in the books. Love it!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Marathon Pics

I am officially the worst blogger when it come to posting pics. I usual think about taking a picture after the's bad, I know.

A 13 year old blogger once comment on one of my posts that blogs without pictures are boring, and she's totally right.

Anyway. I did take some pictures at the start, nothing fancy and certainly not taken during my amazing run (how do you guys manage that?), but for posterity, they'll do.

Once I got off the bus and saw all the banners I really got crazy excited. It was my first real moment of OMG, I'm actually HERE about to run a marathon.

3rd wave, 1st was pretty cool being that close. We got to talk to the volunteers and joke around a bit.

The start! I felt amazingly calm and centered here. Met a few international runners, but kept quiet and focused....I had a marathon to think about!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Best Day Ever! A (Different Kind Of) NYC Marathon Recap

I'm not even sure where to go with this post, I mean how does one really sum up just about the best day ever? I'm not sure, but here goes.

First off I finished!

My official time was a respectable 4:50:30.

Secondly, I felt amazingly good, but did have some foot pain towards the end.

I'm not a big recapper, and I'm sure this will pale in comparison to all the other bloggers out there, but my 5 readers know the drill...

Saturday I was pretty laid back, I played around with not packing a bag, only bringing the necessities but quickly changed strategy once I realized how easy the bag check process was. This is where having runner friends seriously comes in handy... I wasn't stressed, just super excited. I'm not sure how this works out for me, but excitement = sleep, in bed by 8:30, snoozing by 9 (which was really 8 due to day light savings) slept all the way through, got up, got ready and walked to the train. Easy peasy. I didn't poop though, which made me nervous...

I'm just about to walk up to the train platform when I hear Coach Bob yelling my name, that mother got up just to see me before I left, what a guy. He's also a little controlling, but it works. He had written me a beautiful note/letter basically giving me the extra race day boost I needed. And he took a pic... All kidding aside, it was one of the nicest gestures ever, one of about a million I would experience...

If you have read one report, you have read them all - it pretty much goes like this...Staten Island Ferry, view of the Statue of Liberty, start village, wearing clothes you donate, New York New York over the loud speakers then the gun then the bridge then Brooklyn, Queens and the 59th st bridge where my garmin lost signal (!!!) then the 1st ave frat party....ok, you get the picture.

The real race report for me is more about the love I received throughout this whole process. My friends all supported me, were totally not annoyed when I said no to things or left early so I could get a run in and were there for me in full force on race day.

I had so many texts messages wishing me luck and my Facebook literally blew up from the outpouring of support. People who I haven't spoken to in ages were posting on my wall, mentioning me in their status updates, liking other peoples posts and pics, it was absolutely crazy. And to think that on Fri I was feeling sorry for myself thinking no one would be there for me (hello single girl drama!).

I never thought that that this race would be more than just a run, it never occurred to me that it would be the best day of my life, that I would feel so accomplished, that I would see people in their best light and that I would feel so much love. Shit, I thought it was about not dying before the finish!

I guess I should talk about the actual miles ran - overall, the race flew by, the first 13 went by so fast, then next 10 were ok, the last 3 were killer. This is where my foot started to cramp up, it was bad, but I walked when I needed and ran when I could, even though I was tracking for a 4:40 finish, I'm so happy with my time. I knew as soon as I ran over the Verazzano that I had this, that all my training would pay off, that I was about to have the best marathon of my life. I had absolutely no doubts. Oh, and that single girl drama, all in my head. My great friends took me to dinner (along with the boy, yep that one) where I showed off my medal, talked about the race and just felt amazingly lucky and grateful to be able to call myself a marathoner.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Yesterday was in one word AMAZING.

Official report to come, but I did it and it was probaly the best day of my life!

official time: 4:50:30


Saturday, November 5, 2011

0 Days, 15 hours Until I'm a MARATHONER!

Can you believe it? I mean, in less than 24 hours I'll be a MARATHONER! What?!?!? I'm so excited and nervous and all around overwhelmed by this whole experiece, never in my life did I think I would run 26.2 miles.

Aside from the general excitement, I've been seriously teary. I headed over to the Javits center early for packet pickup and was so moved when I saw the welcome signs, it hit me how real this is and just how big the running community is. It was probably my favorite moment of the day!

After packet pickup I headed back home to meet up with my 2 of my best friends for breakfast. it was so nice to chill and gossip and laugh, and cry a little (that's how we roll). The rest of the day was spent getting my stuff together, dropping off clothes and reviewing the plan with parents and chilling with a good friend who is a veteral marathon runner and overall speed demon.

I wanted to have a killer "night before" post but I'm feeling pretty mellow and just filled with gratitude. Tomorrow will be beyond my wildest dreams, it's hard to believe it's here. Ahhh!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

2 Days and I'm a Mess!

Wow, so I am crazy emotional today! Probably because I'm nervous, there are just 2 days left to the biggest accomplishment of my life and I'm worried that I won't have plans once I get home after the race. Womp, womp.

My fear now that I'm super single is that I will be eating cold pizza with my cat olive while crying over the end of my relationship instead of rocking out with my marathon medal on! Good thing I have amazing friends who are taking me out to dinner.

I'm such a weepy thing sometimes!

I also had my first marathon anxiety dream, we kept getting lost, part of the run was underwater and my phone got wet and no one could track me, then the ladies I was running with wanted to stop for breakfast. Super weird.

Ok, so random anxiety and weepiness, sounds just about right for being only 2 days out.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

3 Days, 1 Hour, 6 minutes...

NYC here I come! I'm seriously getting so excited, but at the same time in a weird way I'm dreading the run, has anyone ever experienced this? I think it's a little bit of my old self saying "who do you think you are, a runner?".

Ok, back to the positive can't wait to run this mother attitude!

3 days, 1 hour and 6 minutes from now I will be a marathoner. I have waited 4 years to run NY, which from day 1 of running I said would be my first. Although from day 1 the thought of a 10k was scary to me, a marathon unfathomable!

I'm pretty prepared, I trust my training, I have a plan (sort of) for race day, I'm going to try the 10, 10, 10 and see how it goes. I will walk the water stops so I don't die out at the end and I will take in about 5 Gu's. I'm thinking one at the start, then every 5 miles. If I need a 6th I'll go for it. My biggest stressor is coordinating my "fans" and getting to the start, I'm scheduled for the 8:30 ferry but my train line is a little weird with construction, so I may be cutting it close, worst case is I miss the 8:30 and have to get on the last 9:30 ferry. I'm in the 3rd wave and not checking a bag, so I'm sure I will be fine.

Update on the foot: still hurts a little, waiting for the cortisone magic to happen. Anyone have experience with this? How long did it take you to feel better?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And the Diagnosis is.....

...Plantar fasciitis.

Oh man.

I have a friend who out of no where had such bad foot pain that after grocery shopping she could not get out of the car, it hit her out of nowhere.

My Doc days that will not happen. I am really working hard to trust him on that one!

Ok, so now that I know why my foot kills I feel a little relieved, although for some reason tendinitis sounded more manageable (Doc thinks I'm crazy). I got the cortisone, it still hurts, but they say by day 2 magical things happen. Tomorrow is day 2, the magic BETTER happen.

My last run was on Sunday, hoping for a quick run tomorrow, if I'm still feeling crappy I may head to spin where I will just ride, no jumps or anything crazy.

While I wish I was completely injury free, I'm so grateful that this is manageable and nothing worse. I was fearing a stress fracture (I'm super dramatic) and am so happy it's not!!!

On a fun note, I've been trying to figure out where to meet my friends and parents along the course, as well as where to meet after. Still trying to get the logistics together, but I think I will have fans in BK, along 1st Ave and close to the finish!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dropping Out?

I love when the WSJ publishes a running article! It's a pretty good read about the reasons why so many people drop out before the race.

Even though I have a slight injury, I'm for sure going to get to the start, it's interesting though to know that close to 15,000 people may not...I hadn't realized that number was so high.

Speaking of injury, off to the doc to get the results from my ultrasound and possibly get a cortisone shot. I'm feeling ok, I mean I can walk and run, but I still feel some uncomfortablitiy (I know,is that even a real word??). I want to finish strong, so I'm hoping the cortisone will help me feel less pain come race day.

Monday, October 31, 2011



Sometimes I love them, other times I hate them.

When I first got sober weekends were killer, I worked at the restaurant just so I had something to do, but the nights killed me. Then I got a social life and I still sort of hated weekends, plus I was a mess. I was 26, missing my party life, missing Fire Island, old man bars and just the craziness of what at the time I though was fun.

Thank god I did work, got better and started to embrace life (whew!!)

So fast forward to 8 years later (yup, 8 years with no booze) and I love my weekends, cherish them actually, until the fall comes around. Summer - beach all day Sat and Sun, Winter - skiing almost every weekend in VT.

Fall? B-O-R-I-N-G.

Ok, I know people love the fall, but I'm just no that into it. I never know what to wear, if I should put the heat on or what to do. Last fall I was with the boy so we did stuff, which was good, this year no boy = boring sundays.

I'm learning to like boring though. Yesterday I ran 5 then came home and watched TV for hours, which is so not me, but It felt good to just sit and do nothing. I'm trying to embrace the "nothing". It's working. Then I busted out of my TV induced coma and got my shop on and ate pizza. I'm still full (when will I learn that 1 buffalo slice does not need to be chased with a meatball slice?).

Sat was much more productive, tried on Mary Kay makeup, had dinner with friends, saw another friend celebrate her anniversary then went to a party. I really was non-stop all day, which made my TV induced coma on Sunday almost ok.

And today? Back to the grind. I'm a big Monday fan. Seriously. Plus I got my Crossfit on, was up at 5:30 so I headed over to the 6am class. It was great, Push press, front squats and pull ups. I feel strong and productive and centered. Just 1 week away from the marathon. I'm ready.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Racing

I'm pretty much done shelling out money on 5k's - unless I have some sort of attachment to it, I'd rather not. That being said, I decided to look over at the Long Island Running calendar and see what's happening that I might be interested in. Surprisingly, there are quite a few cool races coming up and some fun training runs put on by the Sayville Running Company. I figured now is a good time to put some fall goals out there, especially since the marathon is next week and I'm a slacker, so a goal will keep me going.

Ok, so this is what I'm thinking:

Nov 13: Run For the Warriors. Still have to decided on the distance, depends on how I feel after the marathon.

Nov 20: Evelyn Knapp 5k Run to Remember. This is on my favorite hilly course and is in honor of my friends sister.

Nov 25: SJB Turkey Trot - still waiting on info for this, last year I placed first in my AG (really small race)!

I love fall running, it's always fun to get out there and race with friends and acquaintances from the LI running scene. It will also be interesting to see how I do, I ran all of these races last year so I can see how marathon training affected my speed.

So my foot is feeling pretty good. Did a quick speed workout on the mill yesterday before work then Crossfit at night. Hoping I feel OK after my weekend longish run. Crossing fingers!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Feet Don't Fail Me Now!

Cheers to no stress fracture!

Boo to possible tendinitis!

I'm a little bummed to have an overuse injury and really can only blame myself, should have been icing, BUT the good news is that I can run and my Doc is going to give me a shot of cortisone next week to get me through the marathon.

I can run this week, just not anything too crazy, so I'm happy about that, but if I feel pain, I'm going to stop. Last Night I went to Crossfit where coach was like SEEEE, running is bad, blah blah. I told coach to suck it(ok, not really), obvi I have not fully drank the Crossfit Kool-Aid yet, although I'm close :) (actually, I'm drinking it, just not ready to admit it,HA!)

So this week the plan is to ice, get an ultrasound done, take a lot of Advil, run just a little, then my 8 miler on sat, Crossfit maybe 2 more times and get myself psyched up for the BIG DAY!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Let the Tapering Begin!

Marathon training is winding down, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm getting a little burned out. I started working with Coach in May, so I've been pretty structured for MONTHS now, which for this procrastinator is huge.

We stared out training for the Queens Half, then rolled right into marathon training. I know for sure that I would not be prepared for the Full Mary had I not worked with Bob, money well spent! And he came through with a crew for my 20 miler, good man!

This weekend I ran with New Running Partner Sheila. We both had 12 on the sched so it was a perfect pairing, although I sort of wanted to do it by myself, I welcomed the company. We met at the gym and headed out. While I like boring out and backs, Sheila does not. Because I'm a good sport, I took her lead. We ran the trail, then through some residential areas then back by my house to the docks and back. I was a little miz. I really like out and backs, or at least a plan. The trail is about 6 miles, but the rest was so unstructured that it got annoying. Regardless we had a great run, and better conversation. I did break midway to stretch out my hammy, but our pace was 9:43 which made me happy.

Ok, so on to tapering. This is tricky for me. I have never really tapered. All my half marathon's I ran my 10 the weekend before the race, so this whole 2 weeks without a long run is weird. I feel like I need to throw a 2nd 20 miler in somewhere. I won't, but it just seems like the right thing to do, lol. The other issue is that I'm a little injured. My right foot has really been bothering me on the outside. I just started icing it (always late to the party) and I have a doc appointment tomorrow. I think it's just an internal bruise, but I want to be safe.
Sooo...crossing fingers and toes and knocking on every piece of wood I can find!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ice Baths?

Do you ice bath? Did it help, not help, waste of time?

I have not been sore after any of my runs, I have however had calf pain which compression seems to have taken care of. Oh, I also have a nagging pain in my foot that I'm trying to pray away, but really I need to ice it more than anything.

Ok, back to ice baths. For me they are a waste, but I see so many bloggers jumping in after runs over 10 that I have to wonder, bloggy fad or the real deal?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

OMG ...I Really Just Ran 20 Miles!

I'm still in shock, I ran my first ever 20 mile run, and I'm still awake at 1:00am!

Today was great, got up, pooped (hooray) had a granola bar and half a mushy bannana, some water and advil (headache) and headed off to my coach's house for 20 amazing miles. Coach set me up with a few different runners for the day, otherwise I was running this bad boy solo and I did not want to do that!

Usual running partner Andrea ran the first 10 with me, Jackie the next five and Coach for the final 5, Jean who I just met and love, ran the entire distance. She was great and was nice even when I wanted to kill people during miles 18 and 19.

The first 10 miles we were are about a 9:40 pace, my goal was to maintain that and for the most part I did. We had one 11 minute mile when we went into the trail around mile 12, it was super muddy and we had to navigate around some crazy wet stuff, but it beat the strong headwind that we had during the first 10. The last 4 miles I slowed down and I basically would have done anything to walk mile 19, but I didn't.

Overall I felt strong, but like usual I was mentally done at the end. I'm nervous that I won't be able to get through the last 6 marathon miles, but I'm trying to stay positive and trust my training.

We ran for a total of 3:20 at a 10:04 pace.

The rest of the day was great, went to Glenn's for pancakes, took a looong nap, dinner with Danielle then a party and a littly flirt action with a new boy (crossing fingers).

In just a few short weeks I'll be able to say I completed a marathon, and even the thought of that blows me away!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gettin' Speedy

My last few runs have been super speedy (for me), which makes me happy because as we all know marathon training can take you from a little fast to a little bit slower. My last long run was 11 miles at a 9:40 pace, totally consistent splits and I felt great the entire time. Last night I ran 5 at a 9:30 pace. The cool thing is that it felt totally relaxed and I was running solo which usually means a little more relaxed than if someone else is there pushing me.

I think it may have something to do with my crossfit workouts. Or a speed session on the 'mill, either way I'll take it!

I'm hoping to get to crossfit tonight, the wod is kind of hard and I will have to scale it a bit as I can't do handstand push-ups or double-unders. I love that I can scale my workouts, otherwise I'd be doomed!

It's nice to be feeling so positive - even with the breakup and junky 18 miler that left me feeling a little defeated. I'm loving this training so much. Every run and workout leaves me feeling so strong and accomplished - even the crappy ones!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Today I Will Remember...

...that I am:

single but happy

Sometimes I need to say out loud how far I've come - I wasn't always all of those things, and although not defined by any single one, I am whole because of them all (plus some) :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

29 Days

I'm getting nervous now. I don't feel prepared, I didn't run hills, like at all, I'm still chubby.

But I do know that I ran 18 hard miles, a few 14 milers that were speedy, a great 16 miler, last weeks half +3 was pretty good.

I have to trust my training and know that I will still make strides in these last 29 days.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Getting Rid Of The Old

So I have written a little about the boy and the on-again-off-again nature of our relationship. Every time I think we are done, we are back. Super annoying, but I guess the back and forth had to happen to get me to the point where I am completely done.

When something is no longer fun, is a chore and brings more pain than happiness it's time to let go!

Easier said than done, at least for me!

Part of the problem is that we see each other constantly, no separation. We both belong to a group and that group meets a few times a week and often involves going out after, so low and behold we are both there, still chatting away instead of giving the space we both probably needed from the first breakup. We always parted ways amicably in order to not disrupt some of our social life, this time that did not happen. It wasn't over the top terrible, but we both said some things, he told a mutual friend he is switching groups and I'm left

I never thought this day would come, yes it sucks, yes I miss certain things but this last time around was torture and I realized that my self worth is more important than the status of being in a relationship. I also know that he is not well and I have to remember that.

Today I wish him happiness, I wish him peace and I wish him the freedom to move on with his life ( although I do hope he is crying his eyes out every night!) and let go of the negativity that holds him back.

Normally I'm so bummed and angry, not so this time around. I'm looking forward to the future, my marathon, Crossfit and an amazing 60th birthday weekend with my mom in the city. As long I can stay out of my own way and keep it classy, I can't go wrong.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Badass 18 Miler!

18 miles, 18 kick-your-ass-3-loops-in-Central-Park miles.

One word. Holy Hard (ok, 2 words).

I love my long runs, I really do. I get excited about the distance knowing that every long run is a distance PR and a new test to my little running existence and another notch in my marathon training belt.

18 miles has meant a lot of things for me: impossible, crazy, something I can't wait to do, something I will never get the when I completed this feat, I was so elated, even though it was hard as hell and I wanted to quit from pretty early on.

First off, we ran 3 loops of the north end of the park - which means 3 times up Cat and Harlem hills. I love hills, but these hills 3 times almost brought me to tears. Secondly, it was hot and really, really humid. I'm used to the heat as I've been running all summer, so that wasn't too bad. It was the hills that killed me (note to self, must run more hills, ok, any hills at this point!).

I didn't go in with a ton of expectations aside from finishing, but for me the drill is always the same, when I run slow I get a little bummed. My average pace was 10:43, but I tanked at the end. The good news is I didn't run with shit in my pants (which happened to a runner I was with - massive diarrhea, but she placed 2nd) and I just ran the longest I have ever run in my entire life, so I'll take it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Food Police!!

Wow. I'm hungry, or just really into shitty-for-you foods.

If I told you guys what I ate today you may yell at me or call the food police. Seriously, but here goes...

I had a nice bowl of cereal, then some almonds, then Trader Joe's chicken marsala and spinach salad....all planned and all relatively healthy.

Then came DD, Iced coffee with a side of a pumpkin donut please.

Then the killer, a leftover Mc D's cheese burger.

I'm gross. And it's not even 3:00.

Thank god this is not a typical day and I guess I should be thankful that I'm back in my skinny pants (all of them thank-you-very-much). But woa, I cannot have another day like today.

Last night was a great night at Crossfit, I felt a little less like an idiot and more like a real Crossfitter. We did squat thrusts, box jumps and ring rows (everyone else did pull ups). Box jumps are really hard for me, and it's all mental which is super weird, but I'm proud to say that I graduated to the small box and killed it. Holler!

Mentally preparing myself for Sunday's 18 miler. I'm really excited for it, but am seriously considering picking up some compression gear for my calves. I can't wait to crush this distance.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting Close!

47 days till the Full Mary!

I'm getting excited. Not nervous, like at all, which I'm sure will happen sooner rather than later. I am a little afraid of getting hurt though, which considering I got caught up in a dog leash yesterday and almost rolled my ankle during Saturday's 12 miler is sort of funny.

So back to the 12 miler, I felt really good, especially the second half which was amazing considering I ate like shit all week at my national sales meeting and didn't run at all.

This week is a light run week, but I have to get back to Crossfit - the goal is 3 sessions, plus 2 3mi and 1 6mi runs. Sunday is the 18 miler in Central Park which I'm pretty psyched for.

Monday, September 12, 2011

16 Solo Miles!

So freaking amazed at myself, it's not even funny! I got in my 16 - longest distance EVER and I ran by myself! Wahooo!!

The plan was to try and find a group to run with as both my running partners had shorter distances planned, my running club was running 16 super early on Sun, which was a consideration, but I had a big party on Sat and I didn't want to stress about having to leave early, so I did what any marathoner in training would do and just powered through it!

I got up Sat around 8:30, headed out around 9 and got 'er done! I was pretty happy with my pace, I felt really good for most of the run, but I broke down a little around the end. My calves were killing me and I'm super paranoid about leg cramps so I really slowed down. I drank a ton, plus refilled my fuel belt a bunch and had some gels, but I think I was suffering because I didn't eat a single banana all week which has proved to be my saving grace in the cramp department. Lesson learned.

I got back to the house and felt like crap. My calves were throbbing and I was pretty nauseous, which does happen from time to time, so I just chalked it up to the long run. I'm going to play around with Gatorade in my fuel belt on my next long run and see if that helps. Aside from that, the run was great and I felt totally accomplished knowing that I did it by myself!

Here is the breakdown:
Split Time Avg Pace
1 0:10:13 10:13
2 0:10:14 10:14
3 0:10:16 10:16
4 0:10:10 10:10
5 0:10:17 10:17
6 0:10:03 10:03
7 0:10:02 10:02
8 0:10:11 10:11
9 0:10:17 10:17
10 0:10:17 10:17
11 0:10:15 10:15
12 0:10:31 10:31
13 0:10:28 10:28
14 0:11:03 11:03
15 0:11:40 11:40
16 0:11:05 11:05
17 0:00:02 8:29
Summary 2:47:12 10:26

(sorry the chart sucks, blogger is giving me a hard time)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hell Week

This was probably the first week since I started working with Bob that I didn't get in all my workouts. I may not do his workouts as prescribed all the time, but I try to get in most of my miles (although I always manage to miss or shorten at least one workout which we decided was ok), this week, OMG, this week...let's just say I failed miserably...

I ran exactly 2x: 3 miles on Monday and 3 very speedy miles on Wednesday. Last night was supposed to be Crossfit and another 3 miler, instead I was at work till 9. Oy. I wouldn't feel so bad if I weren't leaving for my companies national sales meeting where everyday starts at 8am - that's wicked early, but I can't let another week go with next to no midweek mileage. Pray for me people, pray!

Bob and I spoke and he basically told me as long as I'm doing something and not missing my long runs for these 2 weeks, I'll be fine. Whew! This is where a coach comes in handy.

On a huge side note, old clothes (in particular some of my skinny weight jeans and pants) are fitting me. Say What! I'm pretty psyched, and I now know why they say not to just go by the numbers on the scale (umm the scale sucks, I've pretty much been stuck at the same awful number). So a big congrats to myself. This makes me happy, which basically cancels out my meltdown yesterday over the boy (yes that one) that I thought I was over. Damn weekend rendezvous. All is better today, and according to him I'm no longer rocking crazy chick status. Um, ok.

And on tap for this weekend - a date and a 16 mile run, both haven't been officially planned, but both need to happen, stay tuned for deets.

Friday, September 2, 2011

When 10 Miles is the New Normal

10 miles before work?


Not sure when 10 miles became the new normal, but it did and I'm cracking up over it.

10 miles used to be a big deal to me. My first 10 miler ever was a huge milestone, that one holy-shit-I'm-actually-really-doing-this-I'm-a-runner kind of milestone.

I'm sure when I reach the 26.2 mark I'll have a similar experience along with tons of tears!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some Highlights

So busy, like barely can breath busy - but here are some highlights from the last week or so:

I turned 34

Long Island had an earthquake

We also had a hurricane

I ran 15 miles

Then 10 miles before said hurricane

Haven't been to Crossfit a ton, averaging 2x a week, need to kick it up to at least 3

Got new sneaks,a few hours before said hurricane (and it was packed!!!)

Saw Wicked on Broadway

Am texting like mad with new boy that I haven't met from #onlinedatingworld and I think I might like him. It also helps that we have a mutual friend, so I know he's not a serial killer.

Am pretty much over the old boy (thank god the back and forth for months is over!!!)

Of course, in poor blogger fashion I have no pics, but that's how I roll. And my 3 readers are OK with it.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Longest Run Ever! NYRR Long Training Run

Sun I ran my longest run ever...15.18 miles! Thanks to the awesome people at NYRR I was able to get in an amazing training run with new running partner. I could have gone longer (I think) but followed my plan and stayed with the 15. Weird thing is my next 2 long runs are both 13 miles, although my weekly average is higher. Marathon training is strange, one coach differs from another, I'm trying to sync plans with new partner but hers calls for 18 miles this week....hmm.

Overall I felt really strong. I averaged a 10:28 pace and was consistent in my splits. My HR was also manageable which was a huge plus, all that HR training has really paid off. I also got a good dose of hill training in, man those mothers were killer! Really loving my training right now, who would have thought?!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Running a Half Marathon Before Work....WTF!

Yup, that's right, if all goes according to plan, I'll be done with 13/14 miles before I get to the office - on time!

My plan was to run with new running partner on Sat, but she can't make it, so gym partner who has 10 on the schedule can meet up early tomorrow, I just have to get 2 in before I meet up with her and she will add on whatever she has to so we come out on goal.

The most I have run before work has been about 9.....tomorrow is going to be interesting, but I know I can do it. I have no other choice and I will not miss a long run unless I am dying (knock on wood!).

Wish me luck!

UPDATE: I ran the 13, killed it actually, and I made it to work on time!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

88 Days!

Holey moley! 88 days till the FULL MARY!!!


I'm getting nervous, but super motivated. I have 88 days to shed some weight, run a ton of training miles, think positively and HAVE FUN because this is supposed to be fun, not a chore! This is what I have been waiting for...and dammit I'm going to ENJOY IT!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fitness Friday

I love running early in the morning, even though lately I can barely get up...

I made plans to run 90 minutes with gym partner (we have been recently reunited). While I train by distance, she goes by time, but since we were running in the 10's so I could monitor my heart rate it worked. Gym Partner is speedy, so I felt bad, but we were consistent and finished the 9 at a pace of 10:18 and she felt good. She's tri training, so the pace worked.

I wish I took some pics, but the morning was so amazingly peaceful and calm. We ran the normally busy Montauk HWY from Babylon to Bay Shore and back. It's a straight run that I love, no turns no twists, just the calmness of the road and some nice scenery along the way.

Tonight I head back to Crossfit for the last of my Foundations training. I'm not exactly sure what I am getting myself into, but so far I'm really liking it. I can tell that CF will push me to limits that I can't get to alone. I just hope I don't get injured...I have never really been fearful of injury (except for when skiing) but I have heard some major injury stories with CF. Crossing fingers!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Queens Half Recap and Pics!

I'm going to start my negative post off with a super hot pic of myself. Ya know, just to stroke my ego after a TERRIBLE race.

Ok, I feel better now. And I should say that pic was taken at a friends annual Maryland Crab Feast a few hours after I wanted to die. Not bad, huh?

So yes, race report.

My official Garmin time: 2:21:05, 10:26 pace

My official Garmin distance: 13.52 (a lot of people complained the course was off and it was funny to hear all the "garmin chirps" going off at the same time, so I know my Garmin was not acting up!)

Official weather: Hot as hell!

I will say that I started off strong, with high hopes to come close to my PR. I mean, I've been kicking ass with my training, so why not, right? RIGHT!!

All jokiness aside, the heat was what did me in. It was hot, parts of it were for me, unbearable with no shade. I also had to pee, bad...even after I waited on this ridiculously long porta-potty line:

I won't do a mile by mile recap, but some highlights were the pee brake in an unauthorized porta-potty right by City Field at mile 6, my death march walk during mile 10 and on a serious note, all the awesome volunteers who made sure I had plenty of fluids which came in handy as I walked the water stops (which I believe is what saved me from heat stroke).

I was bummed and a little sad, my coach wanted this to be a training run, but I had other expectations. And to be honest, I was bummed out that I had no fans on the course (call me a whambulance!!) and the only person who even cared that I was running was my little cat Olive Marie (that's right, full dramatics in this post!!). I'm still a little bummed, but I know that I can't let one bad run define my running abilities or my goals for the full. I can and will kill my training and I will get through the full - now I just need to work on my expectations!!!

Oh, and I finally picked up my bike form the shop, where she has lived for over a year! Crazy!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Tired, Tired and Cranky!

Whaa! I'm beat...between the heat, a lack of running, super sore Crossfit legs and a trip to the city last night, I just want to curl up in a ball under my desk and take a nap. Or call in sick. But I'm far too responsible these days for that.

Last night I met my best friend in the city for a fancy dinner at Asia de Cuba. This place has been on my top 10 for awhile so I was thrilled to see their menu as part of Restaurant Week. Sadly, I was pretty disappointed. We waited a while for our table which was no biggie as we were catching up, but I was starving and the food, was...bland. I couldn't believe it, I mean we are talking Asian/Cuban fusion. We had the beef pot-stickers 2 ways, calamari salad (so absolutely bland) and crispy tofu, Amy chose some coconut thing for dessert which I also didn't care for (but I'm not a coconut gal). I was bummed, and I have to say they chose main staples from their regular menu as part of the RW promotion, so I was super surprised at how not good everything was. Oh well. I had a great time catching up with my bestie and food is just food, good or bad...(although my inner fat girl is a little mad about it...pout!).

This week was really light on the running. I skipped my 5 miler, was going to run it tonight but it's about 110 degrees out and I have a 10 miler on tap for tomorrow. I also did a trial Crossfit workout and I'm still sore - who knew a 20 minute beginner WOD would make my quads sore to the touch! Still not sure how I feel about Cfit, but I'm going to give it a shot for a month, I have foundations classes set up for next week, plus running, plus my half! Should be a fun one!!

Ok, off to brave the heat and with all the other hot, cranky people of Long Island.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm Running a Marathon

I still can't believe it sometimes.

Me, a marathoner?

But it's true. And I have the training logs (and the coach) to prove it.

So far so good. I've been getting through my miles, killing my long runs, running with new to me running partners. I'm really enjoying it, and MOTIVATED, which is so amazing.

This weekend is another 10 miler in prep for next week's half which I'm super stoked for.

Like always, I'm struggling with balance and sleeping in - life would be thismucheasier if I got my morning workouts in, but it's getting better, with the exception of 2 missed swims....trying to remember: progress, not perfection.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Food Guilt

Like any good dieter or food plan follower, every once in a while I fall off the wagon (umm, today's lunch)..luckily I'm really embracing my plan and am just jumping right back into healthy eating. I have done this on and off for a bit, but basically I am doing my best to eliminate sugar, flour and wheat (s/f/w) from my diet. I followed the FAA food plan when I was first losing weight and managed to lose close to 30lbs (along with a brief Jenny stint to get me started where I lost about 20). I've put about 15 of that back on, which isn't great but I know could be much, much worse.

For the past year or so I have been battling with what works for me, what doesn't and it's obvious that s/f/w just doesn't agree with me. I can eat within my points, calories ect and still not loose, one week off the junk and I'm down 5. Amazing.

So while the last week and a half was a breeze, this week is proving to be a little harder. July 4th eating, some Ralph's ices and a big ass lunch today do not make for a very good food plan, but I'm planning on turning it around and not going all out on bread/brownie/pizza! I'm really focused on losing and getting to my goal which is around 145, which would be an all time low for me but still on the high side for my height.

So that's the plan in a nutshell. I know it works, as long as I work it!

Ok, back to the title of the post - guilt. I have been making most of my meals, checking labels, measuring, weighing, doing all the right stuff, then comes lunch with the co-workers. I rarely go out to chains and when I do I always end up feeling like shit from bad ordering. We ended up at Bertucci's, I had a roll (major no-no) ordered the chicken picatta and subbed grilled veggies for pasta. It all sounds innocent but I'm waaaaay over my calories (and even though my plan isn't about calories, I still track on daily plate). And, I feel major guilt about it! Even though I swam this morning and am planning on a run after work, I still know that I overate. I'm not going to go all hairy-carey on myself, but I need to be more mindful of my triggers when I am out, which may mean that I skip lunch out all together. I hate to be so rigid, but right now rigidity works and like I said, I want to work it! And rock that bikini by the end of the summer!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Taking a que from one of my favorite yoga blogs, I thought it would be nice to remember all that I'm grateful for. I've been a little lax on the posting lately, but I have a bunch of things I'm planning on blogging about this week, I just need to find some time! Ahh!

Life and good, and here is why:

I have amazing people in my life
I discovered a great new kitty litter system (yay for Olive and for me!)
My running has been great
I have legs that work and allow me to run, practice yoga, walk...ect!
I like my parents, more than they probably know
I'm alive and present
I'm actively working on my "stuff"
No bread (although I did have 1 slip, I'm ok with it!)
The village pool is open for 6am lap swim
Iced coffee
Yoga, which I'm desperately in need of

There is so much more, I'm a lucky gal.

Monday, June 27, 2011

4 lbs, 2nd Summer Series Race and a Life Recap

Woa, I have been a bad blogger. Last week I was not feeling anything, hence the lack of posts. I'm hoping for a better week!

Monday was the 2nd Summer Series run over at Sunken Meadow, home of Cardiac Hill!My strategy is always to run for fun, not for time (1:03), the race is too crowded and bottle necks up in spots, but it's an awesome 10k course with hills, grass, roads and dust! LOVE IT! I felt strong, even on Cardiac Hill and basically just enjoyed the scenery. I didn't hang for the after party, which was ok since I saw a bunch of people before the race started.

So after battling with my weight these past few months, I made the decision to go back to my food plan...4lbs gone, I'm pretty sure I made the right decision (I will write a separate post on this later).

Overall life has been good, I'm just mellow. Still working through the feelings about the boy. Had a date, not my type, but still nice to get out there! Went to a bunch of parties, baby showers and comedy shows, ran a million miles for the week...not too shabby for a single gal :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

1st Summer Run Race

Monday was the first of the Summer Run Series, always a great time and something I missed not participating in last year. I wasn't expecting to PR, although I was about a minute off, but I had fun, saw some people I hadn't seen in a while and ran a solid 48:19, 9:39:48 pace. I was really happy with my effort, my pace was pretty steady except for mile 3 where I got tripped up at the water stop, other than that the race was perfect.

Tue was a spin day and yesterday was an off day, today I'm supposed to lift and try and fit in a yoga class, but I might run the 6 that's on tap for tomorrow. I have plans tonight and there is no yoga class, plus I'm feeling lazy, it's funny how a few slow days can make me feel like it's been forever since I had a solid workout - a definite change in attitude, I'd say!

I've been a little funky this week, which is OK, because I know it will pass, but it still sucks! Food has been so, so. After reviewing my log from last week it is painfully obvious that my body just can't handle carbs or sugar, even though I'm within my calorie range and working out a ton, I'm not losing. The plan is to eat whatever carb heavy stuff I have in the house (which is not much, and all pretty healthy) then go back to what I've been dreading - my FAA program. In order to be true to myself, I have to admit defeat, no matter how I slice it I just can't do sugar/flour/ I'm waiving the white flag and surrendering!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Welcome Summer!

90+ degrees? Why not! I love the summer, the heat, humidity, beach, pool, thunderstorms...the whole shabang. What I don't love is how I sometimes feel naus after a hot gross run. I'm hoping I figured out a solution, which is delicious chocolate milk, which worked for me after my 5 miler this morning. THANK GOD! I got out a little later than planned (6:15) and I was a little worried I would have a repeat of Monday night, which I didn't, I was just a rushing maniac when I got back to the house, but that's ok. Also, I was supposed to run 6, but because of the late start I could only fit in 5. My pace was still a bit slow, but it was hot and I know the speed will come if I keep up the work. Looking forward to tomorrow's strength day, I'm also hoping to make the 6:30 am yoga class that I love.

On a life note, feeling much better, keeping up with my writing and (uggh) praying for the boy and am really excited for the next phase of my life!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Holy Naus!

Went for my scheduled 5 miler and it was absolutely terrible! My whole body felt like lead, it was hot and I could barely do the workout which was to increase pace by 15 seconds per mile, my last mile being my fastest. I got my miles in, held a super slow 10:15 pace for the first 2 miles, then dropped down to 10:32 for the rest of the run....dissapointing? A little, but I was happy none the less that I got my full workout in.

The really shitty part was that I got so nauseous that I could barely function for the rest of the night. For close to 2 hours I was literally dying (ok, not literally, but you know what I mean). I drank water, showered, then BAM! it hit! This used to happen all the time the summer before last, I would literally end up in bed after a long run. I'm hoping this was just a fluke thing...

I ended up forcing down some food, then remembered that sugar usually helps. I had a left over PB Cookie Dough ice in the freezer, as soon as I ate that I felt MUCH better. Uggh! I think I'm going to have to pick up some chocolate milk to drink after a run, after reading a bunch of posts on the the Internets I'm pretty sure this will help.

After all that and a few episodes of the RHW of NJ I went to bed sad as could be about the boy. So what did I do? I took some advice and prayed that he meets someone who will be good to him. Believe me, I did not want to do it, but in order to let go I'm learning to do some of the things I def don't want to EVER do. And ya know what? I'm feeling pretty good today.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wait, What?

First off, I ran a lot last week. Super proud of the distance covered and my overall fitness gains. Not happy about my lack of willpower around all things bread. Ok, now that that is out of the way, I NEED to talk about this week's schedule. I'm a-little, oh, I don't know, overwhelmed maybe?

So I open my Schedule and had to take a deep breath. I'm not sure I have ever covered miles like this, like ever, and the funny part is this is just the beginning! Which leads to wonder how I ever managed to run all those half marathons with virtually no training aside from long runs. SMH.

This past Fri I ran 6 and 7.5 yesterday...on tap for this week:
Mon: 5
Tue: Cardio and weights plus track practice
Weds: Off, but I'm hoping for a yoga class
Thurs: 6
Fri: weights
Sat: 5
Sun: 8

Now that I'm looking at it, it's not really that bad. So what the hell was I so nervous about? Staying off bread is what's really going to be killer!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Do Your Friends Know?

I've read a bunch of posts about this topic lately, and although it's no secret I have a blog, I don't really talk about it a whole lot...which leads me to wonder, do your friends know?

Last night I had a group of friends over and my blog came up - one of my gals was making fun of it in a lighthearted way, but it got everyone's attention - which got me to thinking and talking about why I blog, and who I blog for. The main reason is for myself, I wanted to have a place to journal/bitch/remember/discuss what's happening in my running life, plus I had a friend who had a great blog about her boyfriends experience with leukemia and I thought, why not! I was just about to start training for a marathon that didn't happen and I figured a blog would keep me accountable (which for those of you who read know I have trouble sometimes with accountability).

My motives are still the same, but as I've gotten more into the blog world I realize that I really like writing (or whatever this is) and it's something I would like to expand upon. It's also a really good excuse for me to build my social media skills, which to be honest suck, and as a marketer by profession is something I really need to work on. I'm not saying this blog will be the next hot healthy living or running blog, but I would like to see it grow just a bit, and see where it takes me...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finally....A Run In The Sun!

Yesterday was hot, a little sticky, but well worth it after all the rain, fog and overall grossness we have been experiencing. Needless to say, I was excited to run in the sun!!

My plan was to go out moderately hard and run 4 miles, after my super slow-don't-get-your-HR-above-160 run on Sunday I was excited to run it out!

My garmin died on me, but I had back up with my iphone and Map My Run, I ended up running 4.12 in 39.12 (9:31 pace). Thank god for technology! I felt great and was challenged but not all crazy out of breath and wheezy, although I did breather hard.

Food was a different story - I ended up at Applebee's at 10pm eating like 2,000 calories! Uggh!

It is painfully obvious to me that nutrition has to be top priority for me to start seeing awesome results.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Sched.

Because I haven't been blogging, I wanted to throw out my goals/update for the week for now, I'll write a real post when I get a sec..

Ran 6 on Sunday in my low HR zone (couldn't go above 160 which is HARD as I tend to skew hi), which meant it was a really slow run, which I hated
Monday: weights - upper body/abs
Today: depending on the weather (holy rain these days) either 4 miles outside or a speed workout on the mill
Weds: 6am spin followed by legs

Thurs - Sun: Will be away at a convention (EACYPAA) but am planning on building in at least 1 longish run and at least a gym session.

Monday....BEACH! Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Feelin Good!

Why hello Friday, I'm so glad you are here!

Even though I was DYING from whatever cold I had, I still managed a fairly productive few days. Weds was my upper body/ab workout + 2 miles (which BTW I am super sore from), yesterday was spin and today I ran 3 miles of intervals. Food has been good, minus the pretzel and donut last night. I feel good and that is what I plan on focusing on. I know I can always improve, but for me right now it's about feeling a-ok!

Tonight is pizza night with my crew - this is a tough one for me as I really should join pizza anonymous. I'm thinking either a small veggie pie or a salad...I'll see how I feel later. I know for sure I am not going for the meat pie (that's what she said...couldn't resist!). Planning is critical for me, and I'm really trying to stay the course, so I have no doubt I'll choose wisely!

Todays eats:
Trader Joe's sprouted wheat toast with a slice of mozzarella
Chicken salad on a la tortilla wrap with spinach
TJs' protein muffin for a snack
Dinner TBD (wish me luck :) )
I think I'm waaaay too carb heavy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 1

Yesterday was my first day feeling better, but I figured better play it safe and take one more day off from running. The plan is to do my first BFL workout tonight and run 3, either on the treadmill or the street depending on the weather. I'm hoping I can run, if anything I will take it slow as I still have a little chest congestion.

Yesterday's food was pretty clean. I kept with my plan and I felt good, not deprived. I need to get a hang of the protein/carb ratio thing, but that will come. Today so far has been so so...I ended up grabbing a pretzel from Auntie Anne's at the mall, probably should have just said no, but I still feel good about my choices so far..

Breakfast was a TJ's protein muffin, lunch was Kale chips, grilled chicken, salsa, spinach and light sour cream on a La Tortilla wrap (50 calories!). I'll probably have chicken sausage and salad for dinner. No carbs since I had the pretzel.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Wow, I am sick...well, truth be told, I'm feeling MUCH better today, but yesterday was BRUTAL. I hate Spring colds, they just mess up my mojo.

I haven't worked out due to said cold, Coach knows and is like no worry, rest! Whew! The problem with all this rest is that I'm not moving and I miss it, plus I ate a little crappy this weekend, but I'm OK with it as I'm back on track today.

Drum roll please....I'm making a public statement, I will be more confident and beach ready in 12 weeks (yes, I'm reading Body for Life). Bill says to write it out so I am! I have had this goal for a few summers in a row, to be fit enough to look somewhat HOT on the beach for an annual beach party (I'm saying HOT rather than bikini ready, but really I want to rock the bikini). I have about 30 lbs of fat to move...

Challenges and I don't usually get along, but I'm changing my mindset - I am making a DECISION to work it. So work it I am. I may start posting workouts and daily food, I find that when I'm out there on the internets, I do my best.

So for my food so far, I've had the following:

Breakfast/morning snack:
TJ's protein muffin, half of a Nature-valley PB granola bar (will have the other half as a snack later)

Spicy Boca chicken patty over salad

The plan for dinner is to have chicken sausage or a piece of grilled chicken with veggies and a small baked potato. Fruit for dessert.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Allergies? And Track Practice

What a week!

I think I have allergies (who on Long Island doesn't).

Or I'm getting sick. Still can't decide.

I ran my first track practice since the winter.

Got a chill, left, but still ran a decent amount.

Ate bagels and pizza this week (diet fail).

Have a 4.5 - 5 miler on the schedule for tonight.

Officially done with the boy.

Officially ready for the weekend :)

Should probably rename this post. Oh well.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Things that basically rock my socks right now:

Getting up wide eyed and bushy tailed 3 minutes before my alarm!

6am spin (on a Monday no less!)

Ordering my new sneaks onine and getting free socks..woohoo!

Overall excitement for my training this week

Letting go of expectations, just going with the flow (that's a tough one!)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

LIRRC 5k....1st Place AG!!

I love all the summer runs that take place on Long Island - we have the State Park Summer Run Series that happens every Monday for abut 8 weeks and the LIRRC Weds 5k runs. 2 great opportunities to PR and improve week after week. AMAZING!

Although this wasn't my best race, like at all. I believe there were 6 of us so that's pretty awesome that I even managed to place.

My strategy was to go in and just run a steady pace. My splits on my training runs have been all over the place so I thought this would be a good opportunity to exert myself yet stay controlled. It sort of worked, I think I was abut 15 seconds off per mile (fast, slow, fast).

D-Rock ran with me and placed 2nd which was awesome as this was her first race in probably 5 years. We then went home and ate pizza (which I also had for lunch along with a bagel for breakfast and a giant cookie at my agency meeting....going to hell with myself...).

Today is an off day. I have the JDRF Gala which should include lots of dancing....but NO bread or cookies!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Just to make it official...

I'm in!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Love

First off my running stats:

Fri: 3 miles - 9:50 pace
Sat: 3 miles - 10.00 pace
Sun: 2 miles just to stretch out my legs before my drive to CT, no idea of time.

I'm feeling good but slow, but that's ok. I didn't really press myself, I just wanted to run (it had been a week!!).

And now...some weekend love!

My Godson's 4th Birthday

Apples and PB (my version of!

iPhone apps, specifically Lighbox, awesome pics!!

The boy, who may or may not be back in the picture...

My new training plan with the coach...I just got my sched for the week, it's pretty light and totally doable...27 weeks till the Full Mary!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today's Thought

On a side note....I get my coaching sched soon...wee!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back To Basics

As my good buddy Richie the Copy used to say...stay in basics and you don't ever have to worry! So true!

I'm still doing Weight Watchers, but I'm going to go back to what worked for me - eliminating sugar, flour and wheat. I felt good, lost weight and wasn't so obsessed with wanting crave worthy binge foods. Today will be day 2 and I feel pretty good, and I didn't have the delicious homemade cake that was in the office, total bonus!

I'm also back on the sponsor hunt (12 step talk for those who don't know). I want to keep what I have, so I have to keep doing what I was taught!

I'm looking forward to my after work run, it should be in the upper 60's and sunny which is exactly what I'm needed right now! Planning on 4 miles then to the gym for a strength workout if I have time. Can't wait to clear my head over a good run!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh, the Holidays!

The em' and hate em' but at the same time we have to celebrate 'em!

I'm an only child, with a pretty small family so holiday functions tend to be small (just me, mom and dad) and quite frankly a little boring. Thanksgiving and Christmas I usually spend the majority of the day with my parents then head over to my good friends house to hang with their family. Easter tends to be the wild card...which is kind of nice. We are not incredibly religious and with no little kids around the Easter egg hunt and all that stuff just doesn't happen. Past years I have gone out with friends, done brunch with mass followed by nothing...this year we decided to spice it up and hang in the City.

I'll start off by saying that I was in a major down mode this weekend, I only ran 2 miles on Fri and was just off and miserable on Sat. It rained like crazy and I was just not into getting my workout on. I woke up late, had an 11:00 commitment then a party at 3:00 so instead of getting my endorphins going, I cried under the covers (boys will do that to you sometimes).

Sat night was much better, but in keeping with my down mode I slept way late on Sun and missed my semi-planned run. I jumped in the shower and headed over to my parents to scoop them up to head into the city for brunch at our most favorite place, The Garage.

This place rocks, literally. They have live jazz pretty much all day and night, it's always one of my go to places. It's in a great neighborhood and just an all around good time, I highly recommend it. Plus the french toast is amazing!

And so was the band...

From there we did some shopping then checked out the Highline which is a really cool above ground park built on an old train line. I highly recommend a visit!

From there we checked out the car show...

...then back to LI for burgers at the diner.

Such a great day!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dreaded Lead Legs

Last night I went out for what I was hoping would be a quick (re: in the 9's) 3 mile run, instead I was in the 10's (!!!) and had heavy legs the whole time! My hammies are still killing me from the yoga mala on Sat which is probably part of the problem, I also think I'm a little dehydrated. I have been drinking NO water. I know, I know, so bad for me. It was a random run totally off my usual route and although slow, I felt pretty good.

On the cooking front, I made a banging shrimp, spinach, caramelized onion and goat cheese quesadilla. No pics, but it was so good! Not sure what the menu if for tonight, something light since I'm going out on a business lunch. I'm really starting to get into this cooking thing!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On A Roll!

I've been cooking like a mad woman these days. In an effort to save some money and be a little more health conscious I've been trying to make the majority of my own meals.

Breakfast is usually oatmeal, or a Van's waffle, the occasional (ok maybe once or twice a week) bagel, lunches vary but I try to go healthy with a salad and dinner ends up depending on what's going on. CC and I used to eat out a lot, but since the breakup I've managed to cook almost all my own dinners.

I'm a fan of healthy premade stuff - think grilled chicken from TJ's or some premade deliciousness from the Babylon Village Meat Market. The easier the better and I pair it with a veg and a starch.

Tonight I was inspired by a recipe from Gina's Skinny Recipes - but I switched it up a good! And easy!! I made mine with asparagus and mozzarella paired alongside mini-potatoes and sautéed spinach...yum!

Since the chicken came out so great and I've been dying to make my famous oatmeal muffs, I decided to whip up a quick batch. This is such a great easy recipe and easy to store and eat throughout the week.

Easy Oatmeal Muffs
1/2 cup oats (flavored, non flavored, your choice you can even mix grains, think oatmeal and bran)
1/3 cup dry milk
apple pie spice or cinnamon
2 eggs (sometimes I use egg whites)
Mix-ins - tonight I used apples and blueberry's
Bake at 325 for about 25 minutes

(note: I doubled the recipe which yielded 6 muffins, 2 per serving, 5 points plus)

Enjoy....I know I will!

For The Love Of Bagels!

So I lost 1.8 lbs this week, which helps with the 3(!!) I gained last week...yikes. But then in true self-sabotaging form, I had Wendy's. So random, I don't even really like fast food. I'm going to blame it on the boy, well, not him, more the breakup. Ok, I feel better now!

I want to try and lose 2 this week, that will put me back on the losing side of things.

This morning I had this, which is not going to help with my 2lb goal, but I love them so (and I ate the other half!!).

I mean how bad can they really be!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Update on "The Coach"

I met with my buddy Bob last night to talk about coaching....finally! This is something I have been thinking about for awhile, but didn't really see a need for it. Now that I'm in the holy grail of marathons (NYC) I know that I need more than a down-loadable plan and a few running buddies.

The whole thing is pretty exciting, I basically have to do a formal intake (on paper) of my goals, races I want to do, the types of cross training I want to incorporate...all the good stuff, then coach (wee, I get to call Bob coach now!) will magically whip up a plan that I will do my best to follow. Those who know me, know that I have a hard time with accountability and follow through, don't get me wrong, I'm usually working out, but when it comes to training, I think I fall flat because I'm not sure what I'm doing, hence the coach.

After speaking with a few people, some who think coaching is a waste, others who are like "use me I'm an Iron Man", I'm pretty happy with my of the cool things about Bob is that he is local, as are most of his athletes, so there is a chance to meet and train together, something that I am definitely looking forward to.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Moving On....An Ode To Spring

Oh, winter, you were so good to me, between the snow and the ski house, I was one happy girl!

I had a ton of fun with the boy, which has sadly come to an end. Not all is lost though, I managed to have a great time, inspite of the flaws and I gained a great friend.

Now I'm ready for the beach

Running with my club

And the sun on my face!

(super bad pic!!)