Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Taking a que from one of my favorite yoga blogs, I thought it would be nice to remember all that I'm grateful for. I've been a little lax on the posting lately, but I have a bunch of things I'm planning on blogging about this week, I just need to find some time! Ahh!

Life and good, and here is why:

I have amazing people in my life
I discovered a great new kitty litter system (yay for Olive and for me!)
My running has been great
I have legs that work and allow me to run, practice yoga, walk...ect!
I like my parents, more than they probably know
I'm alive and present
I'm actively working on my "stuff"
No bread (although I did have 1 slip, I'm ok with it!)
The village pool is open for 6am lap swim
Iced coffee
Yoga, which I'm desperately in need of

There is so much more, I'm a lucky gal.

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