Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vacation + Bad Knee = No Posts

The knee is officially killing me!! I have been on a pain free streak, but I think the trail run last Sun. and the hills on Weds. re-aggrivated the 'ol ACL. I figured that since I was off from work this week I would RUN RUN RUN, instead I am LAZY LAZY LAZY!!! I am hoping to maybe get a run in tonight, or tomorrow morning. I am pretty sure that the Cow Harbor training run is a no go for tomorrow, which stinks, but I need to take it easy so I don't end up sidelined for more than a few days!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sooo Happy!!

I am so happy that I can hardly contain myself!! Last night I broke my 10 minute per mile pace and ran the Cow Harbor course somewhere in the 9's (I think 9:48). I have to look at my Garmin for the exact numbers, but I am soo excited!! I swear, this running thing keeps getting better and better! oh, and I just found out that Ryan Hall ran this a few years back and set a course record (I'm catching up!!).

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dirty Socks + A Lttle Bit Of Blood = Best Run EVER

This past Sunday was the Dirty Sock run, and oh how dirty it was!! It rained a ton last week so the trail was a little muddy, but not nearly as bad as it could have been. Since I normally run this trail on my own I was pretty aware of all of the little twists and turns, or so I thought....the course took us through a part I had never been through, which was pretty awesome. The other really great thing is that I have a new 10k PR - 1:02:17 which was pretty exciting, and definetly because of the hill training I do at the Cow Harbor runs. The only down side is that my feet got all jacked up - a few blisters and a really bloody sock due to a cut somewhere on my toe (I think from one of my nails). Pretty gross. I really need to get good socks and properly body glide my tootsies before each run. Ahh...lessons learned!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Can I get a What What!!

I am so stoked right now....I cut 4+ minutes off my Cow Harbor training time. I knew I was going to improve from last week, especially now that I know the course a little better, but 4 minutes, that's HUGE! I also got interviewed for one of the small town papers. If I make it in I will post it next week, I think it comes out on Thursday.

So far my running life has been steadily improving...faster times, additional miles, zen like breathing (as opposed to my old Darth Vador breathing). Oh, and my ACL, although still 'loose' (yuck) feels pretty good. I need to get a knee brace, but only to use when skiing. Woo-hoo!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cow Harbor Training

It's been a little while between posts...I usually like to write once or twice a week, but this past week was a busy one!

Weds night started the Cow Harbor training run series put on by the Northport Running Club. This is an awesome series and really well put together. About 200 or so runners form into different pace groups and run the course. Being new to this I took my time and did well (1:08:15). I ran the entire couse including all of the hills and inclines. I felt really good and at ease, a few people commented at the end that I really look liked I enjoyed the run (one said I had a zen like look...what, me??? I love it...).

Since I was sore, I took Thurs. off then had to take off Fri. due to crazy rain and a play that I had to attend. Ran a quick 2 miles Sat. and 4 yesterday. Overall I had a great week and ran a total of 17 miles which is kind of lame, but whatevs. This week I need to concentrate on distance and speed. I really need to get into a speed workout groove, that's really the only way I am going to improve my times.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Last Monday night Run!!

Monday was the last of the Summer Series....I am sad to say goodbye to the whole thing, but after 8 races it's nice to have Mondays Back! The run was a 5 miler at Heckscher State Park. I was tired, hot, hungry and a little cranky, but I finished with my normal 10:20 per mile time. Most people wold consider than pretty slow, but I'm still happy with my time (although always looking to improve!!).

For the next 6 weeks I will be running the Cow Harbor training run series. I am super excited for this series, and for Cow Harbor day!!

I have always been gun shy about the Cow Harbor race, but now that I have a great base and actually enjoy running I am determined to kick that cow's ass!! One of the great things about the training run series is that they put you in pace groups based on your finishing time. You start out slow then get progressively faster..woo-hoo!! This race is killer hilly, but I am ready for them (and it pays that I actually like hill training).