Thursday, August 14, 2008

Can I get a What What!!

I am so stoked right now....I cut 4+ minutes off my Cow Harbor training time. I knew I was going to improve from last week, especially now that I know the course a little better, but 4 minutes, that's HUGE! I also got interviewed for one of the small town papers. If I make it in I will post it next week, I think it comes out on Thursday.

So far my running life has been steadily improving...faster times, additional miles, zen like breathing (as opposed to my old Darth Vador breathing). Oh, and my ACL, although still 'loose' (yuck) feels pretty good. I need to get a knee brace, but only to use when skiing. Woo-hoo!


Christie said...

Four minutes!?!?!?! That is HUGE!!

Michelle J said...

Hi Liz, i see that you are running the Cow Harbor 10K. Me too!! I signed up last week! I actually have no idea how far brooklyn is from Northport? It would be cool if we could meet maybe?? I would love to do the training series, just not sure if i could make it out there!!

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!!

I have no idea how fast or slow i can run the 10K! Today i did 5 miles in 54.45 but yesterday i did it 2 minutes faster!! Today is day 19 for me.

Keep up the incredible work, like Christie said Four minutes is HUGE!!!!

Michelle J said...

Hi, so here is another question:
do you think i should go to the training series for the whole rest of the time or just once or twice? Should i go closer to to race or say next week?? I'm so confused!!

Thanks for offering to pick me up at the train station! I may take you up on that!! Either that or i do have a car and can probably drive over!!


lizzy said...

hi i just stumbled across your blog! and cant wait to read more because i really enjoy your writing style. congrats on 4 min!!! and the zen breathing! hope your off to a great week!

tfh said...

More than 4 minutes! That's huge. Hope the interview went well...