Monday, August 11, 2008

Cow Harbor Training

It's been a little while between posts...I usually like to write once or twice a week, but this past week was a busy one!

Weds night started the Cow Harbor training run series put on by the Northport Running Club. This is an awesome series and really well put together. About 200 or so runners form into different pace groups and run the course. Being new to this I took my time and did well (1:08:15). I ran the entire couse including all of the hills and inclines. I felt really good and at ease, a few people commented at the end that I really look liked I enjoyed the run (one said I had a zen like look...what, me??? I love it...).

Since I was sore, I took Thurs. off then had to take off Fri. due to crazy rain and a play that I had to attend. Ran a quick 2 miles Sat. and 4 yesterday. Overall I had a great week and ran a total of 17 miles which is kind of lame, but whatevs. This week I need to concentrate on distance and speed. I really need to get into a speed workout groove, that's really the only way I am going to improve my times.

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