Friday, July 12, 2013


I have a confession...I'm enjoying Crossfit so much that I don't want to run, like ever.  I need to get my running mojo back considering I start NYCM training next week.  Gulp.

I'm still shocked by how much I'm enjoying the's like I've had some cosmic shift.  It also helps that I love the new box, and the owners, and the, well, everything.  It's not elitist, they are actually normally people.  With anything there are cliques, people that have been friends awhile, but this place just makes you feel welcomed.  I'm even thinking about participating in one of their league nights...I know, who am I??

Monday, July 1, 2013

July Goals

I haven't done a goals post in forever, mainly because I've barely been blogging and also because I never really keep up with my goals.  Awful, but true, but this being July 1st and all I feel highly motivated so here goes...

I'll lump them into categories:

3x a week which will be easy, I have already planned it into my schedule and I really, really love this new box.

Master some crazy ass "move" - double unders maybe?  Or maybe a PR at my box jump (which is a measly 23 inches)

Get psyched up about marathon training.  I'm loving running, but not loving the thought of marathon training.  Last year I had a hell of a training cycle, hoping this year is better.  So the goal here is to keep positive - no negative thoughts!

Figure out this "it's complicated" relationship of mine.  Or not.  I waffle between over thinking and not caring.  Maybe find a balance?

J.C. Liz just get your shit together on this one! Ugg.  My pants don't fit, so the goal is to lose the 9 lbs I gained! (same story, different blog post).

These are basically no brainers, Oh and I want to create a vision board.  Cheers to a productive July!