Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Awesome, amazing pre-summer night last night! I was feeling a little sluggish all day, but had planned for a 4mi run and was sticking with it! I had to drop off money to the dance studio which is 2 mi away, perfect mid evening jaunt....or so I thought.

So I'm in deep contemplation, actually composing an email to my boss in my head re: my increase, all serious like, then it happened...BAM, the ground broke my fall. I tripped on something at a crosswalk and just went down, luckily I jumped right up (adrenaline, baby!) and got myself to the other side. Embarrassed, not so much. In pain, yes. I walked a bit, then actually jogged the rest of the way home, but man my knee cap is KILLING ME!!! It's swollen and scrapped. I'm sure it's nothing major, but christ-on-a-bike it hurts. I'm grateful though that it's my good knee, woo!!

As far as the actual run went, it was a good one. Kept my HR in a good spot and kept it consistent. My pace was in the high 9's and most importantly I felt great. If it wasn't for the fall I probably would have upped my mileage. Oh well.

This morning with the trainers was rough. I legit almost cried twice, not sure what that was about, other than my knee being on fire and the fact that we did a series of squat lunges and push-ups which took me to the breaking point. We also weighed in, down the 1 lb I gained, but other than that I have lost no weight. WTF! I did bring my body fat percentage down, but for some reason that number on the scale means more to me.

Monday, May 24, 2010

2 Weeks Left!

Wow, only 2 weeks left of the Fantastic Four competition! I'm sort of sad it's almost over. I'm really loving the training and the group - the girls and I decided that we would keep on training, I may also throw in some training session with one of the guys, but I have to pay my taxes first (damn the man!!).

I think the hardest thing about all this training is keeping my attitude about food in check. It's like I almost feel entitled to eat a bagel after my morning workout, which is so NOT good for me! I'm not eating terrible, but things could be better. I'm basically balancing things out, I'm not really losing pounds - although I know that my body fat percentage has gone way down and that I'm converting over fat to muscle, but I was hoping for weight loss numbers. I have to keep this all in perspective - I'm doing great things, gaining muscle, consistency and am really enjoying this, so note to self....don't F this up and go all harey-carey and eat pizza!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Balance Please!

I hate to be that blogger that never blogs, but not a lot has been going on. Food has been so so and the workouts have been great. I need to step up my running, and I think part of the problem is that I don't really have anything in the pipeline in terms of races. I need to fix that stat! I have also let my yoga practice slip a bit.

It's so hard to find the time to fit everything in!! I often wonder how people with dogs and families manage to do it all! Seriously, I have no kids, a cat that can take care of herself and I still can't manage it all! Work is a big part of my day, same with some of my after work commitments (meetings, advisory stuff). Maybe I'm just lazy? Or not as dedicated? Nah....I'm dedicated...6 am workouts are now my norm!!!

OK, so as far as goals go - back to balance, and a nice race to train for!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All About The Numbers

3lbs down (not that great - it has been 4 weeks, should be better)
5lb muscle gain (awesome)
1500 calories (trying my hardest to stay within)
5 days in the gym (so far so good)
3 runs a week (could maybe add on some miles, but I'm happy with 3)
5:15 am wake up (hell yea!)
7 - 8 hours of sleep per night (could use some more, hey, I'm a sleeper!)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yea 5:30!

I am officially a morning worker-outer!!! For the past 4 weeks I have made everyone of my early morning workouts! I know it may seem like no biggie, but for me it's huge..holla.

I'm finally starting to see a bit of a difference with my body. I'm only down 2lbs, but I've lost more that 2% body fat. I'm really working it hardcore - lots of strength training with my group training thing, and back to regular running, even some two-a-days. The crappy thing about the running is that I'm back to having a sour stomach. Both Sat and Sun I was DYING by the second mile. Brutal.

I'm also counting calories. Tracking on Daily Plate, which I absolutely love. I'm hoping this will help me keep my food in gear and I'll start to see better weight loss.

With the exception of today, I'm surprisingly not too tired. I hope I can keep all of this up!!