Monday, August 12, 2013

2 Loops!

Yesterday's Selden Hills run was in a word, AMAZING!  The "team" (which is in quotes because we really aren't a team, just a bunch of crazy hill runners) threw out a challenge: 3 loops, and the crew accepted!

I have talked about the hills before, but basically it's a 10k course of the hilliest hills around (seriously).  Long Island is relatively flat, there are some neighborhoods that are hillier than others, but nothing compares to the Selden Hills. 

Ok, so the challenge was to run 3 loops, I ran 2 because my training only called for 13 so I didn't want to push it, plus I'm slightly wounded (note: graphic wound shot).   I felt really great, strong even...and of course winded.  Some of these babies are STEEP!  This group is notoriously fast so I was at the back of the pack.  The first loop took a little over an hour, the second a little longer, but not by much (I'll update the times when I get home, gotta check the garmin).  I ran the second loop backwards with a new friend so that we could catch the speed demons coming back, great strategy as we got to see Will finish his 3rd loop (this guy is a machine). 

I love this run, I wish I worked closer because I would be up there weekly, for now though I'm going to try and get up there on the weekends.

Here is Sue and I at the finish - you have to slap the pole when your done (twss)...tradition!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Holy Road Rash

Wow, road rash is no joke.  I have had some spills resulting and scrapes and bruises, but this is just wild.  According to running partner I didn't just fall, I skidded across the sidewalk which explains the horrific road rash I now have.  I'm still in shock over the swelling and pain, I even went to urgent care which is pretty big, I'm cheap and I hate to go to the doc when it's not really necessary. Luckily there was no break (which I considered mainly because I couldn't really put too much weight on my leg).

I'll spare you the pics, although I did post one yesterday, but it's just ugly. I picked up some Tegaderm to dress the wound with as I've read really great things, plus I like how it's like saran wrap and not gauze which hurts like a mother when I have to change it.  Aside from the constant pain, I'm having a hard time sleeping, every time I move I wake up.  I really feel for cyclists and bikers who have gotten into accidents with a substantial portion of their bodies injured. 

I'll stop complaining now, because really, it's bad, but not that bad, at least not anymore :) No need to call me a waaammmmbulance.

So this put a little detour in my midweek plan, but I hope to get out there Sun for my long and maybe even to crossfit tomorrow.  Right now the plan is to run the Selden Hills for a double.  There is a group going out for a triple which is just insane - 18 miles of all steep hills.  It will be a fun day with some new and old friends. 

Next week starts up a new cycle.  The goal here on out is to 1. not injure myself and 2. get all my miles in.  No slacking!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I like using hashtags, I liked them before they were cool...

Ok, so #runningfail....I have tripped while running twice in the last two weeks.  This mornings fall was particulary awful as it was on concrete and I'm pretty jacked up.  Last weeks fall, while dramatic, was down at the docks and on wood so not that bad.

Here is a pic which truly does not do the damage justice.  I am crazy swollen and can barely walk.  I'm thinking that I should have gone home after I fell, instead we ran 4 pretty speedy miles. #runningwin.