Friday, August 9, 2013

Holy Road Rash

Wow, road rash is no joke.  I have had some spills resulting and scrapes and bruises, but this is just wild.  According to running partner I didn't just fall, I skidded across the sidewalk which explains the horrific road rash I now have.  I'm still in shock over the swelling and pain, I even went to urgent care which is pretty big, I'm cheap and I hate to go to the doc when it's not really necessary. Luckily there was no break (which I considered mainly because I couldn't really put too much weight on my leg).

I'll spare you the pics, although I did post one yesterday, but it's just ugly. I picked up some Tegaderm to dress the wound with as I've read really great things, plus I like how it's like saran wrap and not gauze which hurts like a mother when I have to change it.  Aside from the constant pain, I'm having a hard time sleeping, every time I move I wake up.  I really feel for cyclists and bikers who have gotten into accidents with a substantial portion of their bodies injured. 

I'll stop complaining now, because really, it's bad, but not that bad, at least not anymore :) No need to call me a waaammmmbulance.

So this put a little detour in my midweek plan, but I hope to get out there Sun for my long and maybe even to crossfit tomorrow.  Right now the plan is to run the Selden Hills for a double.  There is a group going out for a triple which is just insane - 18 miles of all steep hills.  It will be a fun day with some new and old friends. 

Next week starts up a new cycle.  The goal here on out is to 1. not injure myself and 2. get all my miles in.  No slacking!

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