Monday, August 12, 2013

2 Loops!

Yesterday's Selden Hills run was in a word, AMAZING!  The "team" (which is in quotes because we really aren't a team, just a bunch of crazy hill runners) threw out a challenge: 3 loops, and the crew accepted!

I have talked about the hills before, but basically it's a 10k course of the hilliest hills around (seriously).  Long Island is relatively flat, there are some neighborhoods that are hillier than others, but nothing compares to the Selden Hills. 

Ok, so the challenge was to run 3 loops, I ran 2 because my training only called for 13 so I didn't want to push it, plus I'm slightly wounded (note: graphic wound shot).   I felt really great, strong even...and of course winded.  Some of these babies are STEEP!  This group is notoriously fast so I was at the back of the pack.  The first loop took a little over an hour, the second a little longer, but not by much (I'll update the times when I get home, gotta check the garmin).  I ran the second loop backwards with a new friend so that we could catch the speed demons coming back, great strategy as we got to see Will finish his 3rd loop (this guy is a machine). 

I love this run, I wish I worked closer because I would be up there weekly, for now though I'm going to try and get up there on the weekends.

Here is Sue and I at the finish - you have to slap the pole when your done (twss)...tradition!

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