Friday, July 31, 2009

A Little Motivation Please!!

I am off, way off. I have not worked out once this whole week,well, with the exception of Monday, but I'm not really counting that as a full run (see post below for additional info). I have even been eating crappy - like pizza and cookies crappy. I'm generally a pretty clean eater. I'm my best when I am sugar, wheat and flour free (most days I do have some sugar). Not this week. Pizza twice. And I loved it, which is why I shouldn't have it (like potato chips, when I have one slice I want a whole pie....everyday!).

Ok, so back to motivation. I need to get me some stat!! I have a nice weekend planned - heading out tonight for a short run, then on the bike tomorrow for at least 20 miles, then a 10 miler with my running gals. I am sticking to that plan, no deviations! And no pizza (except for today's lunch - paid for by the company....). I'm just hoping the little motivation I have sticks...but I do have training plans with friends, which ALWAYS keeps me on course.

Happy Fri!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dear God, Please Don't Let Me Crap My Pants!

The 2nd to last Summer Run Series run was held at Bethpage State Park last night. This is always a fun one, the course is pretty and the runners are all full series participants, they don't allow any day of race sign up , so it's not as crowded which is really nice!

I started out not wanting to run, it was wicked hot and steamy with thunder rolling in, but, being the trooper I am, I was rearing to go by race time! We all lined up in our respective corrals, the horn went off and we were on!

I was feeling great....maintaining a 9:20 pace and really enjoying the scenery. This race is part trail, part golf course which is pretty nice. There are some good rolling hills and one false hill right after the first mile that is pretty brutal, but completely doable. I was really trucking along, feeling great!!

My first mile clocked in around 9:20, second mile was about the same.....what?!? I got this! I'm back, speed work really does work!! Yahoo! Then it happened....

Right after mile 2 I was extra hot and sweaty and heard a rumbling of a different sort. Oh sweet Jesus NO!! I slowed down, hoping my stomach would feel a little better, then I came to a complete was bad, and getting much worse. I got a little panicky, looked around and realized, HOLY SHIT I AM ON A GOLF COURSE (translation, very lush landscape, with no shade, no trees and some golfers, golfing). So I veer off the course, praying for a bathroom, a tree ANYTHING. Ok, so the weird thing is that on the course they have these 'false doors', they must be monuments or something, but it was tripping me out. I was now really praying, and then out of nowhere there was a little patch of tall grass and trees.......and it was for real (not like those crazy doors ). So, I ran into the trees, and well, did my biznass...

Needless to say, my times were waaaayyyyy off for this race.

And well, as the saying goes, you're not a runner until you shit in woods (road, golf course....ect).

Thursday, July 23, 2009


This week's theme is ... Slaying The Long Run Dragon. What are your best tips for getting through the long, hard, hot, hilly, sweaty, torturous but enjoyable runs?

Hmmmm......the thought of a yummy protein shake when it's all done as well as bragging rights often is enough to get me through my long runs!! So my tips - food and a big ego! Really, sometimes it's that simple.

I actually like my longer runs, which I generally do with a partner or group - which is probably why I like them. I often get a stride going mentally and physically after the 3 mile mark. On my 10 milers, I often find that I am running my best after the halfway mark. But since this is me, and I often find my smaller midweek runs torturous, I almost feel like I need to switch the focus of this post...

I'm thinking that I need to shift my strategy for my shorter runs - I need a partner and the more I think about it I need to switch to morning runs....I'm finding the late day sun to be a bit much and my stamina is gone. I'm heading into my runs with a bad mindset, no bragging rights or protein shakes, just ugggg.....get this ova with!

So taking a cue from my happy long runs, I'm going to grab a partner and dream of protein shakes....and enjoy the scenery!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two Races and a Bad Attitude

I have never been one to let a bad run bring me down. That's never been my deal, I'm usually so happy that I just get out there and do it, that I'm usually satisfied with that. I run a few races, hope to improve, if I don't OK, if I do great. Well, that was soooooo not the case on Sat....

Enter the Arrow Women's Run....this was the straw that broke my running back.....first off I will say that it was hot, no shade in sight, ballsy hot. (just saying, not using the hellatious heat as an excuse). I was also not really hydrated. I did not consume any water, just a little coffee (again no excuse). So I meet my team, say hello, grab my gear, signed up in the Athena category thinking I would at least place (was so hoping for that, although my ego was a little bruised with my only chance of placing being in the bigger girl Athena category, and I didn't place, missed 5th by like 20 seconds...but I digress).

Ok, so I line up, I'm feeling good, I did a warm up run and had a great stretch. I have this. Run my first mile - 8:47 pace. After that, not sure what the hell happened. I finished in 30:05, and was mad and dare I admit it, but moody for the rest of the day.

That's not my time, really, it isn't, but the reality of my running is that I am getting slower. Although my times are way better than they were this time last year, I am not where I was in say Nov..... I know what I need to do, now I just have to do it....

Tue night track workouts here I come!! Oh, how I need you in my life!!! It's just that I have something else on Tue, but I am willing to give it up. I am realizing that running is becoming something more for me. If I really want to succeed, I need to get busy!! I can't make tonight, but I am there next week!

On a lighter and brighter note here are the stat's from last nights Summer Run Series race at Caumsett. Although my numbers are similar to Saturday's race, this was pretty hilly, so I'm content.


Time: Net - 29.32; gun - 30.04

Pace (based on gun time, so technically I was a little faster): 9.41

Place: Overall 909/1688 ; age 36/92

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Hate My Lead-Like Legs!

Last night I backed out of all plans so I could get a workout in...I was feeling good, even giddy over hitting the weights, abs board and then the pavement for what was sure to be a stellar 5 mile run. NOT!

The gym part was good, the running not so much! The first mile I felt like I had lead for legs, along with no lungs (my breathing was that bad). It was terrible. My first (of only 3 miles) was at a 10:23 pace (WTF). It did get better from there, but the fact that I'm even running a 10 minute pace is frightening!! I'm not sure what my deal was, but I think it had something to do with hitting the weights first, and maybe being a little tired...and I did have a bigger than usual lunch.....

I know enough about myself that I can chalk it up to a bad run, nothing more, nothing less. But it was still disturbing. Especially since I ran 10 on Sunday and felt so, so good.

Monday was another summer run race over at Belmont - this is the worst of the 8 races, there is no room to move, you can't get a decent rhythm at all - it's just too crowded and the trail too narrow. 2 people fell in front of me and parts of the trail were so congested that we slowed to what I would consider a very slow jog. That being said, here are the stats:

Distance: 5K

Time: Net: 29:56; Gun: 30:45

Pace: based on gun time: 9:55

Place: Division: 57 / 119; Gender: 372 / 946; Overall: 1073 / 1992

Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Re-cap

Awesome weekend out on Long Island...perfect temps for both running and biking, which I did plenty of...along with some much needed qt at the beach...woo-hoo! I'm so glad the sun is finally out the temps are getting warmer, we had a rough May and June!!

Fri morning started off with a bang...literally. My fire alarm went off at 4:45 (am!!!) and would not stop beeping. I called my landlord who couldn't come by until later so I figured it was perfect timing to go to the gym and get a short run in. I love the gym early, not too crowded which is nice, so I was able to get a lot in in a short period of time. The run was quick and good, down to the water and back at a nice pace.

Sat I went out for a 31 mi bike out to Heckshire Park for a few loops and back. I'm starting to focus a little more on my miles as I have decided to ride the Montauk Century at the end of Aug. I've done it a few times, so I know the course...but I know that I need to get a few long rides in...I've done it without properly training and it can be killer!
Yesterday I ran 10 with my friend Kelly. It was by far my easiest 10 miler. I took a short break (damn stomach!) at about mile 5 then I was good to go and had an easy last 5 miles back to the start. My times weren't great, and were really over the place - from 9:30 to 11:02 (average pace was 10:23), but I finished and felt awesome, so I was happy.

Tonight is a 5k at Belmont (part of the Summer Series). I'm hoping to tear it up (although I doubt it :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Series Race #4 - Hempstead Lake

Last night was a 4k for the summer series. I did ok, considering I had a hardcore weekend filled with running and biking, along with crazy-ass blisters! My legs were definitely not fresh..but I still managed to stay on par with my current race pace.

Here are the stats:
Time: Net - 22.36; gun - 23.48
Pace (based on gun time, so technically I was a little faster): 9.36
Place: Overall 870/1593; age 38/92

And some Pics (because blogs without pics are boring according to the very talented Chloe)

Running club banner, with my head a little cut off

View from the back of the ferry on the way to Fire Island for the beautiful!

Looking forward to a great week!
Weight training this morning
Weds off
Thurs either run or bike
Fri weights
Weekend is up in the air!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beat (someone call a waaaambulance)

Ok, so I am beat (and blistered), but very happy! I'm realizing that I should have taken a few pics of my gnarly blisters as they were by far the worst ones I have ever had...but I forgot, mainly because I was too focused on performing minor surgery on my feet.

Anyway, back to being beat, I ran my first 10 mile run since my half (which was in April). Got up at 5:15 (am!!) and met my friend Chrissy for a half trail, half street run. My running at best has been kind of off lately, so I was looking forward to running with someone else. She is a fairly new runner, but is crazy focused and really follows a plan (which I don't do). We maintained a 9:46* pace which I was really happy with. My alone runs have been crazy slow and cumbersome - lots of stopping/slowing down which I hate, so I think this was the exact push I needed to get back in my normal groove.

I met all of my training goals for the week, rode 21 miles yesterday, ran 4 miles Fri. It was a great weekend.

Hope everyone had a great 4th! Now I'm off to soak by mangled tootsies!!

*I'm going with the 9:46 pace, which came from Chrissy's Garmin, mine had us at a 10 minute pace... :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Take It And Run Thursday

Over at Runners Lounge they have what's called TIART, which I always read, but never participate in... (see I'm switching things up a bit!!)

This weeks theme is Running Fireworks - or rather, those topics we runners find controversial....
Ok, so here is my two cents...stopping while running...taking short walk breaks to just, regroup, get the heart rate down.....catch the breath....whatever the reason...

I have found that the the majority of people I run with will every once in a while slow down and breath. I see nothing wrong with this and sometimes find it vital to my runs....if I start out too fast and my heart rate is waaaay off, I need to slow down a bit to regroup, otherwise, I'm done!

Some of the faster runners that I know would never dream of stopping, one guy in particular will tell me if you stop you didn't really run...What?!?!? So my half didn't count 'cause I walked through the water stops???

When I first started running with Team in Training one of the coaches spoke the gospel of the Galloway method, which I have to say was a tremendous help to me in the early days, although I found that I became reliant on those little walk breaks and had a hard time breaking out of that pattern. I do know however, that I would have bailed on the whole running thing if I couldn't walk a little.

So my question to you guys out there in running land.....what do you think? Little walk breaks, harmless and ok, or a total no-no?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Running and Lifting

Wow, I sound so hardcore with a title like that!!

Last night I ran and then headed over to the gym for an arm/ab workout. My running was blah to be exact. I was just not feeling it, squeaked out 2.35 miles (a crazy storm was brewing so I wanted to make it home) then hit the gym. I'm really making an effort to get some weight training in...I'm actually starting to look forward to it...

Like always, I'm struggling a little with keeping up my schedule. I need to stay on course as I have 2 half marathons planned - NYC in Aug and the Hampton's Half in Sept. My main goal is to finish the Hampton's without having to stop. NY will really be a training run to see how I'm doing training wise.

This week I have a few runs planned as well as a 20mile bike.

Weds: off
Thurs: 20 mile bike
Fri: 4 miles followed by gym
Sat: 10 miles
Sun: gym or maybe a bike ride, depends on how I feel