Thursday, July 23, 2009


This week's theme is ... Slaying The Long Run Dragon. What are your best tips for getting through the long, hard, hot, hilly, sweaty, torturous but enjoyable runs?

Hmmmm......the thought of a yummy protein shake when it's all done as well as bragging rights often is enough to get me through my long runs!! So my tips - food and a big ego! Really, sometimes it's that simple.

I actually like my longer runs, which I generally do with a partner or group - which is probably why I like them. I often get a stride going mentally and physically after the 3 mile mark. On my 10 milers, I often find that I am running my best after the halfway mark. But since this is me, and I often find my smaller midweek runs torturous, I almost feel like I need to switch the focus of this post...

I'm thinking that I need to shift my strategy for my shorter runs - I need a partner and the more I think about it I need to switch to morning runs....I'm finding the late day sun to be a bit much and my stamina is gone. I'm heading into my runs with a bad mindset, no bragging rights or protein shakes, just ugggg.....get this ova with!

So taking a cue from my happy long runs, I'm going to grab a partner and dream of protein shakes....and enjoy the scenery!!

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