Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Series Race #4 - Hempstead Lake

Last night was a 4k for the summer series. I did ok, considering I had a hardcore weekend filled with running and biking, along with crazy-ass blisters! My legs were definitely not fresh..but I still managed to stay on par with my current race pace.

Here are the stats:
Time: Net - 22.36; gun - 23.48
Pace (based on gun time, so technically I was a little faster): 9.36
Place: Overall 870/1593; age 38/92

And some Pics (because blogs without pics are boring according to the very talented Chloe)

Running club banner, with my head a little cut off

View from the back of the ferry on the way to Fire Island for the fireworks...so beautiful!

Looking forward to a great week!
Weight training this morning
Weds off
Thurs either run or bike
Fri weights
Weekend is up in the air!!!

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