Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Hate My Lead-Like Legs!

Last night I backed out of all plans so I could get a workout in...I was feeling good, even giddy over hitting the weights, abs board and then the pavement for what was sure to be a stellar 5 mile run. NOT!

The gym part was good, the running not so much! The first mile I felt like I had lead for legs, along with no lungs (my breathing was that bad). It was terrible. My first (of only 3 miles) was at a 10:23 pace (WTF). It did get better from there, but the fact that I'm even running a 10 minute pace is frightening!! I'm not sure what my deal was, but I think it had something to do with hitting the weights first, and maybe being a little tired...and I did have a bigger than usual lunch.....

I know enough about myself that I can chalk it up to a bad run, nothing more, nothing less. But it was still disturbing. Especially since I ran 10 on Sunday and felt so, so good.

Monday was another summer run race over at Belmont - this is the worst of the 8 races, there is no room to move, you can't get a decent rhythm at all - it's just too crowded and the trail too narrow. 2 people fell in front of me and parts of the trail were so congested that we slowed to what I would consider a very slow jog. That being said, here are the stats:

Distance: 5K

Time: Net: 29:56; Gun: 30:45

Pace: based on gun time: 9:55

Place: Division: 57 / 119; Gender: 372 / 946; Overall: 1073 / 1992

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Erin C. said...


Don't worry too much about having one bad "lead-legs" day. I've had more than my share of those on occasion. You can start to worry if you feel that way every time you run! When I have a bad day I try to remember some advice from my coach. He likes to say that some running days are just bad days, and that you just have to shake it off and get right into the next one.

Nice job with your 5K race! We have some very crowded ones here too and it can be difficult to run your race when you're surrounded and trapped by everyone else around you. I've had to hurdle a few people who fell in front of me in a couple of those crazy, crowded races.

Again, don't worry about one bad run. Rest, and then get back out there! Have fun!