Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Running and Lifting

Wow, I sound so hardcore with a title like that!!

Last night I ran and then headed over to the gym for an arm/ab workout. My running was blah to be exact. I was just not feeling it, squeaked out 2.35 miles (a crazy storm was brewing so I wanted to make it home) then hit the gym. I'm really making an effort to get some weight training in...I'm actually starting to look forward to it...

Like always, I'm struggling a little with keeping up my schedule. I need to stay on course as I have 2 half marathons planned - NYC in Aug and the Hampton's Half in Sept. My main goal is to finish the Hampton's without having to stop. NY will really be a training run to see how I'm doing training wise.

This week I have a few runs planned as well as a 20mile bike.

Weds: off
Thurs: 20 mile bike
Fri: 4 miles followed by gym
Sat: 10 miles
Sun: gym or maybe a bike ride, depends on how I feel

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