Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dear God, Please Don't Let Me Crap My Pants!

The 2nd to last Summer Run Series run was held at Bethpage State Park last night. This is always a fun one, the course is pretty and the runners are all full series participants, they don't allow any day of race sign up , so it's not as crowded which is really nice!

I started out not wanting to run, it was wicked hot and steamy with thunder rolling in, but, being the trooper I am, I was rearing to go by race time! We all lined up in our respective corrals, the horn went off and we were on!

I was feeling great....maintaining a 9:20 pace and really enjoying the scenery. This race is part trail, part golf course which is pretty nice. There are some good rolling hills and one false hill right after the first mile that is pretty brutal, but completely doable. I was really trucking along, feeling great!!

My first mile clocked in around 9:20, second mile was about the same.....what?!? I got this! I'm back, speed work really does work!! Yahoo! Then it happened....

Right after mile 2 I was extra hot and sweaty and heard a rumbling of a different sort. Oh sweet Jesus NO!! I slowed down, hoping my stomach would feel a little better, then I came to a complete stop.....it was bad, and getting much worse. I got a little panicky, looked around and realized, HOLY SHIT I AM ON A GOLF COURSE (translation, very lush landscape, with no shade, no trees and some golfers, golfing). So I veer off the course, praying for a bathroom, a tree ANYTHING. Ok, so the weird thing is that on the course they have these 'false doors', they must be monuments or something, but it was tripping me out. I was now really praying, and then out of nowhere there was a little patch of tall grass and trees.......and it was for real (not like those crazy doors ). So, I ran into the trees, and well, did my biznass...

Needless to say, my times were waaaayyyyy off for this race.

And well, as the saying goes, you're not a runner until you shit in woods (road, golf course....ect).


Anonymous said...

Saw your blog from another blogger friend :) Funny stuff, but oh, so true :)
Keep up the great training!

Ted said...

Oh yikes !!! I have not had this experience *knocking on wood twice*. I guess I am not a runner if I haven't done this. *wink* Oy oy oy