Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Evelyn Knapp Memorial Run

Great run on Sunday over at Sunken Meadow!! I headed over to the "Knapp" run with Hapi, Chrissy and Adam. Chrissy and I ran the 5k, Adam killed the kids run..tee-hee. He's too cute.

This is an awesome, challenging course. Sunken Meadow is home to both Snake and Cardiac Hills - these 2 are killer, but I love hills, so it was all good.

I was happy with my time - especially since this was a challenging XC race...

Time: 31:15
Distance: 5k
Place: AG 10/20, overall 234/455
Sunny, cool in the 40's but protected by the trees

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Arm Flab

Wow. I just saw a pic from the Warior Run and I have arm flab....no, not in the lunch lady sense, but forearm flab.. I kind of want to curl up and die right now...

On a brighter note, food has been good, 30 day yoga challenge has been great.

Ran a quick mile this morning on the mill, just to warm up for class....but hey, it still counts!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11/14 Hope for the Warriors Run (PR!!)

Sunday I ran my new favorite race EVER.

To be honest, I wasn't all that into it and missed most of the opening ceremony which I heard was really nice. I now kind of regret that as it was an amazing race all around.

I picked up my packet on Sat so I could take my time getting to the start - BIG mistake, almost all the roads leading to the start were shut down, Running Partner and I almost had it out in the car (love her!!) then settled down and parked about .25 mile away, which was perfect as we needed to get a warm-up run in anyway.

The start was really moving, tons of people, bag pipers, flags, just amazing! The 5k runners had a 3 minute lead, then our gun went off. We got a little tripped up with the walkers from the 5k, but all was well and everyone was pretty calm about it.

I'm not sure of my splits as I decided to run sans Garmin, but I felt strong and a little slow, then a little fatigued, but I kept on. I was surprised at my final time 57:44, 9:17 pace...I though for sure I was moving waaay slower than that.

Overall it was a great day, saw friends from Tri and Du It as well as Massapequa Road Runners. Also met some of the Cross Fit Lindy folks...I think that's my next move!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

30 Days Of Yoga

I'm challenging myself to 30 days of yoga.

I've been feeling stressed and cranky and I think a little yoga goodness may help.

I hate challenges, I almost always bail, so this will be a real test for me. It will also be interesting to see how I balance the rest of my workouts in. The goal is to make a class a day, but if I have to, a simple home practice will do.

Ok, here goes.....

Tue was day 1 - full wheel, wee!
Weds - 6:30 am, my favorite
Tonight will be hot! Hoping to sweat out my cold!! (didn't go, too sick :( )
Fri 11/12 - Happy Hour with Angela, awesome class!
Sat 11/13 - 9:30 Hatha with Cher's replacement, got lots of compliments on form, when I wasn't falling out of poses!
Sun 11/14 - ran a 10k, sun salutations at home
Mon 11/15 - Jodie's 6pm class. Awesome music!
Tue 11/16 - rest day
Weds 11/17 - 6:30, nice and mellow. Was able to stay in full wheel for longer than usual...
Thurs 11/18 - nothing...got caught up at comedy event with work
Fri 11/19 - happy hour!
Sat 11/20 - great balancing sequence
Sun 11/21 - ran a 5k - breathing exercises
11/22 - the boy, work and meetings are killing me...nothing, not even "breathing" lol
11/23 - 6pm yoga!! Woo!
11/24 - 6am ( I think)
11/25 - Happy Thanksgiving! Ran 3, no yaga
11/26 - Burn those calories! 4k (places 1st in AG) and hot yoga at Sayville Yoga Shala (amazing)
11/27/28 and 29 - nothing, but I was also working a convention
11/30 - Dr. Ron's class!
12/1 - Back at the convention, nothing
12/2 - Karen's class (Back on track)
12/3 - Miss, Mickey's retirement party, at work at 7am...kill me now.
12/4 - Fav 9:30 class!
12/5 - Amazing practice at Always at Aum...Danny A from Kripalu, OMG.
12/6 - Nada
12/7 - Andrea's 6:00
12/8 - Back to A@A, took Robin's class, so great!

(NOTE: decided to continuously update this post with my 30 day progress)

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Different Kind Of PR

Yesterday was Marathon Sunday in NYC. Sadly I didn't even watch it on TV (was at an engagement party).

I've been battling a cold for almost 2 weeks, one of those annoying I'm not really sick, but a little sick type of deals. It's put a damper on my running, but not on my fitness. Been to the gym a bunch, a 3 mile tempo on sat and finally an amazing yoga class yesterday where I FINALLY got into wheel (chakra-asana)!

Yessss! Finally.

Although not terribly difficult, wheel has been a challenge for me. I got into it once (assisted) at the ashram, and possibly one other time on my own. I put it down for awhile and just recently started to work it back into my practice. I was able to get into the full posture with no problems, although coming out of it was a bit akward.

So stoked. Now let's see if I can do it again :)