Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11/14 Hope for the Warriors Run (PR!!)

Sunday I ran my new favorite race EVER.

To be honest, I wasn't all that into it and missed most of the opening ceremony which I heard was really nice. I now kind of regret that as it was an amazing race all around.

I picked up my packet on Sat so I could take my time getting to the start - BIG mistake, almost all the roads leading to the start were shut down, Running Partner and I almost had it out in the car (love her!!) then settled down and parked about .25 mile away, which was perfect as we needed to get a warm-up run in anyway.

The start was really moving, tons of people, bag pipers, flags, just amazing! The 5k runners had a 3 minute lead, then our gun went off. We got a little tripped up with the walkers from the 5k, but all was well and everyone was pretty calm about it.

I'm not sure of my splits as I decided to run sans Garmin, but I felt strong and a little slow, then a little fatigued, but I kept on. I was surprised at my final time 57:44, 9:17 pace...I though for sure I was moving waaay slower than that.

Overall it was a great day, saw friends from Tri and Du It as well as Massapequa Road Runners. Also met some of the Cross Fit Lindy folks...I think that's my next move!!!!

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