Thursday, November 11, 2010

30 Days Of Yoga

I'm challenging myself to 30 days of yoga.

I've been feeling stressed and cranky and I think a little yoga goodness may help.

I hate challenges, I almost always bail, so this will be a real test for me. It will also be interesting to see how I balance the rest of my workouts in. The goal is to make a class a day, but if I have to, a simple home practice will do.

Ok, here goes.....

Tue was day 1 - full wheel, wee!
Weds - 6:30 am, my favorite
Tonight will be hot! Hoping to sweat out my cold!! (didn't go, too sick :( )
Fri 11/12 - Happy Hour with Angela, awesome class!
Sat 11/13 - 9:30 Hatha with Cher's replacement, got lots of compliments on form, when I wasn't falling out of poses!
Sun 11/14 - ran a 10k, sun salutations at home
Mon 11/15 - Jodie's 6pm class. Awesome music!
Tue 11/16 - rest day
Weds 11/17 - 6:30, nice and mellow. Was able to stay in full wheel for longer than usual...
Thurs 11/18 - caught up at comedy event with work
Fri 11/19 - happy hour!
Sat 11/20 - great balancing sequence
Sun 11/21 - ran a 5k - breathing exercises
11/22 - the boy, work and meetings are killing me...nothing, not even "breathing" lol
11/23 - 6pm yoga!! Woo!
11/24 - 6am ( I think)
11/25 - Happy Thanksgiving! Ran 3, no yaga
11/26 - Burn those calories! 4k (places 1st in AG) and hot yoga at Sayville Yoga Shala (amazing)
11/27/28 and 29 - nothing, but I was also working a convention
11/30 - Dr. Ron's class!
12/1 - Back at the convention, nothing
12/2 - Karen's class (Back on track)
12/3 - Miss, Mickey's retirement party, at work at 7am...kill me now.
12/4 - Fav 9:30 class!
12/5 - Amazing practice at Always at Aum...Danny A from Kripalu, OMG.
12/6 - Nada
12/7 - Andrea's 6:00
12/8 - Back to A@A, took Robin's class, so great!

(NOTE: decided to continuously update this post with my 30 day progress)

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