Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Arm Flab

Wow. I just saw a pic from the Warior Run and I have arm, not in the lunch lady sense, but forearm flab.. I kind of want to curl up and die right now...

On a brighter note, food has been good, 30 day yoga challenge has been great.

Ran a quick mile this morning on the mill, just to warm up for class....but hey, it still counts!

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Y is for Yogini said...

Are you sure it wasn't forearm muscle instead?

Love that you're doing a 30-day challenge! Total immersion! :) I did 27 days of yoga back in April. It was kind of a way to celebrate my birthday (falls on the 27th, so 27 days of yoga). At first I was energized, then started to feel pretty tired around the halfway mark. Toward the end, though, I felt invincible. It was an awesome ride. Methinks perhaps it's time to do another. ;)