Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fairfield Half....or the Time I Seriously Tanked.

2:21:59.  Official time.  My PR and last race was 2:07:00 (Brooklyn).  Ouch.

All I can say was that this was one hell of a hot and hilly race.  And I do not care what those people in CT kept telling me, the new course was NOT FLAT!  I knew at mile 2ish when we charged up that monster hill that I was not on Long Island anymore. 

But you now what, I'm not disappointed (which I normally would be).  I knew going in that I probably was not going to hit my goal time of 2:05, I knew at mile 6 that I wanted this to be over, so I played it safe, dropped my pace, drank a ton of fluids and tried to have fun.  My one regret - not taking pictures (aside from the required cute pre-race pics with the girls).  This is a must run again for me, although the race directors should really consider starting this race at 7:00 - 8:30 is too late for a race that is in June...wayyyy to late. 

So for learning lessons - go back to running the Selden Hills.  Those hills would have prepared me for the race.  The dump which I have been running is good for my overall training/conditioning but does not justify a hill run.  Lose weight (duh, goes without saying).

Aside from the heat and hills, the course was beautiful and the spectators were AMAZING.  Seriously, I don't know what it is about CT, but they really come out to support their runners.  Back when I did the Stratton Faxon Hartford run a few years ago I felt the same way - full neighborhoods come out to support, plus there were bag pipers, bands, cute kids handing out Hershey kisses, a crazy lady chasing the course with a huge sign of Joey Fatone's head (OMG amazing).  Plus it seemed like at least one person on each block had their sprinklers blasting for the runners to get some much needed relief. 

Starting and ending on the beach was awesome too, as was the pizza which I couldn't stomach (I know, who am I?!?!?). I do wish they had more water at the beach - in fact I didn't see any.  Just iced tea, lemonade and fruit punch - which I threw up on the side of I95.  Ooops.

Next up - a bunch of random NYRR races, maybe a few of the summer runs.  Nothing big until the NYC marathon.  I'm looking forward to a little break between training cycles.  I'm going back to Crossfit and running and maybe even a little spin or yoga at my gym, but I'm not stressing over any of it.  It's summer and I want to enjoy and most importantly have fun!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

That Time I Went Back to Crossfit

I'm still not sure how this happened, but last night I found myself at a Crossfit box ready to do my first WOD in god, probably over a year (maybe longer?).  I certainly didn't cherry pick  - we did 7's.  It was hard, my hands split open, I scaled back like woa, but I did it.  Or almost did it, we had a 35 minute cutoff, I got through 6 rounds plus 11. 

I used to hate CF.  I quit CF and was not that sad about it.  I was always looking for my perfect fit, or something.  I never quite got the magic of the whole thing.  And frankly, I still don't, but I know that I want to get stronger and fitter and overall kick some ass so this is the cheapest way with the best bang that I could think of.  The only caveat is that I have to work it! I need to max out my weight, not take it too easy.  That was part of why I never saw results, I never gave it my all...and I hated it.  So this time?  I'm determined to love it.  I'm determined to work at it, I also want to feel a part of.  CF has an amazing community aspect to it, if you get involved.  So I'm going to get involved. 

The best part is that I have time - the new job is awesome and I get home in time to have a life.  Things with the boy are still on the fence, so for now, it's all abut me.  Crossfit, yoga and of course running.  All things I love and want to get better at.  All things that define who I am. 

I'll go back on Thurs and officially join.  I though that maybe I would go all over and find the perfect spot, but after one class, I think I have found it.  I'm excited.  Now I just need to invest in tape or gloves so I can shake hands and not worry about grossing anyone out!