Monday, June 18, 2012

Running Renegade

I'm admitting guilt on this here blog  - I ran my first race ever last week without paying. 

At first I felt really bad about it, then I didn't (ok, not as bad as I initially felt, I do have some morals).

I didn't take water, cleaned up after myself, was polite and courteous. I even cleaned up after another messy runner. So while I didn't use any resources, I still feel a little yucky about it...

So the reason for the Renegade Run (I prefer renegade to bandit, sounds waaay cooler) was basic laziness, I missed the deadline to sign up and I really wanted to run.  Plain and simple. Plus, this wasn't a charity run so I wasn't taking money away from a good cause.

Am I going to runners hell?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chicago Training Plan

Last year for my first marathon I worked with a coach, this year I'm relying on Runners World Smart Coach to get me through. I'm already dreading my 8 miler this weekend (kidding).

I'm actually pretty excited to start my training.  I have been pulling big numbers between the half and the10 miler so I'm mentally prepared for the distance.  I'm hoping the lack of a coach will not deter me from getting my workouts in.  I know I am better when I am accountable to another human, but  I feel confident in the athlete I have become and am sure that I will not skimp out on training.  Plus I have a loft goal - a 4:20 marathon (A goal), but honestly I will be happy with anything under 4:30 (B goal) and of course my ultimate goal is to train and finish injury free!

I already know that I will be adding in hill work (thank you Selden Hills) which I was completely missing last year, I also want to try to add in a track workout. I think I can make both of those things happen at least 2 - 3x per month plus a yoga class to keep me all bendy (maybe I should make this my monthly goals post?). And I already anticipate being at least 10 lbs thinner than my last full (if not more, I"m already down 7 #crossingfingers) so I should be a speed demon by Oct!

Monday, June 4, 2012

I Just Ate A Bagel And Didn't Really Like It...

Yup, absolutely true story.  I went to the Bean, grabbed a chai latte (new addiction) and a bagel, maybe the 2nd one I've had in about a month and a half (new record) and am happy and shocked to report that I'm over it.  I would have rather had my oatmeal. Progress!!

Happily Full!
I'm stalled again with my weight loss.  I'm around 161, haven't gained which is miraculous as I didn't really  eat all that great this week, but I'm not losing sight of the goal.  I basically have done none of what I had planned on doing since the last time I met with my food coach, but I have a week to make it up to her! I'm hoping to get back on track this week so when we meet next Tue I have something good to say!

All in all, I'm happy with the coaching.  I'm down close to 7 pounds, off coffee and for the most part fake sugar (although I have had a few diet soda's here and there). I feel better and I'm on the right track, so it's all good!

This weekend was one of those really fun, lazy kind of weekends that I just love!  Fri was more of the same thing is always is: meeting, diner and then Chris and I went back to my house and passed out.
Emm and Deb

Sat we went to brunch at our favorite spot, Glenn's with our friend Tony then hit up the Music and Arts Festival in the Village.

 It turned out to be a great day so we spent a few hours in town shopping and checking out the musicians, 2 of whom we knew Emmy (my fake sissy) and our friend Deb. Then I got locked in the town jail...totally by accident...I hate boys!

Sun was a beach day with the girls then dinner at the club with some friends which if I was a decent blogger I would have taken a few pics...oh and I KILLED the NYRR Celebrate Israel run. My Garmin had me at an 8:49 average pace, NYRR has me at a 9:03, either way I'll take it! I'm thinking this race may have put me up into a new corral.  Yay #wishful thinking!  

I love summer weekends, running, food friends, hanging in my neighborhood...couldn't ask for a better way to spend a few days off!