Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chicago Training Plan

Last year for my first marathon I worked with a coach, this year I'm relying on Runners World Smart Coach to get me through. I'm already dreading my 8 miler this weekend (kidding).

I'm actually pretty excited to start my training.  I have been pulling big numbers between the half and the10 miler so I'm mentally prepared for the distance.  I'm hoping the lack of a coach will not deter me from getting my workouts in.  I know I am better when I am accountable to another human, but  I feel confident in the athlete I have become and am sure that I will not skimp out on training.  Plus I have a loft goal - a 4:20 marathon (A goal), but honestly I will be happy with anything under 4:30 (B goal) and of course my ultimate goal is to train and finish injury free!

I already know that I will be adding in hill work (thank you Selden Hills) which I was completely missing last year, I also want to try to add in a track workout. I think I can make both of those things happen at least 2 - 3x per month plus a yoga class to keep me all bendy (maybe I should make this my monthly goals post?). And I already anticipate being at least 10 lbs thinner than my last full (if not more, I"m already down 7 #crossingfingers) so I should be a speed demon by Oct!

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