Monday, June 18, 2012

Running Renegade

I'm admitting guilt on this here blog  - I ran my first race ever last week without paying. 

At first I felt really bad about it, then I didn't (ok, not as bad as I initially felt, I do have some morals).

I didn't take water, cleaned up after myself, was polite and courteous. I even cleaned up after another messy runner. So while I didn't use any resources, I still feel a little yucky about it...

So the reason for the Renegade Run (I prefer renegade to bandit, sounds waaay cooler) was basic laziness, I missed the deadline to sign up and I really wanted to run.  Plain and simple. Plus, this wasn't a charity run so I wasn't taking money away from a good cause.

Am I going to runners hell?

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