Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello Heat and Humudty, You Have Been Missed!

If I could have run naked on Saturday, I gladly would have.  It was brutal and I wanted to go home as soon as I started...but like all good marathoners in training I kept on and finished my 12 mile run in the blazing heat and humidity.  It's so odd to me how dedicated I am.  It also helped that I was running with running partner. 

I officially made it through my first 2 weeks of Chicago training.  I'm feeling good, even though I gained 2 pounds which is a bummer but was to be expected with all the crap I have consumed (3 words: 7-11 sausage biscuit....I know...). I'm feeling back on track so that's good. 

I'm excited for my training, even though I feel like this year is more aggressive than last.  I'm not working with a coach, so running partner and I grabbed a plan for the internet and are plugging along.  She's a pro, so I'm not worried.  It still feels aggressive though, at least mileage wise.  Out of curiosity I'm going to have to go back and look at my old logs to see what the heck I was running last year. 

This week's long run is a 14 miler...praying to the running gods for less humidity.  I would like to not feel like death every step of the way...but I do know that training runs don't all have to be good, they're training only counts on the big day, and even if I screw that up at least I made it to the start.  See, positivity all around!

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kilax said...

Way to get that run in, in the heat. I know it was hot last summer too but this summer feels brutal! We just keep trucking along... slowly :)