Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sweet 16

I promise this is going to be about running and not my fat ass, but I ate like a beast this weekend so I can't really complain that the scale didn't move this morning, even though I burned 1,800 calories on my 16 miler! Waaaa!

Love how I look all sweet while the boy is on beast mode...

Now that that is out of the way, let's talk running!

Saturday was my first Chicago training run where the temps were actually bearable and it wasn't crazy humid.  I though I had died and gone to running heaven! Running Partner and I decided to run the Massapequa Preserve which is such a great place to run.  I love the energy and seeing tons of people, which in a way reminds me of the vibe when I run in Central Park (but on a waaaay smaller scale).  I ran into some Team and Training friends as well as my old running club peeps which is always nice.  I love that I belong to a running community!

No long run is ever easy, but it was amazing how much better I felt compared the last few weeks.  Even though we headed out late (around 7:30) it was comfortable for pretty much the whole 16 miles, it also helped that the preserve is mostly shaded.  We took 2 gel breaks and one bathroom break at the polo fields so I could harass/beg bikers for some anti-chafe cream/chamois butter - my arm was chafing soooo bad and I knew at the point it would only get worse and that I needed to put something on it stat! Once that was out of the way we headed back. I definitely slowed down for my last 2 miles, but my average pace was 10:04 not including breaks.  Slow and steady, but doable.

I needed a good run.  Now I need a good week with food.  Crossing fingers.

Last night with sore legs I ran the Summer Run Series Belmont 5k...nothing special, I think I finished in 30 minutes.  This is a bitch of a crowded race, 1500+ people on a verry narrow course, but for me the Summer Runs are more about seeing people than racing.

This week I have a 6 miler than an 18 miler which I'm running in Central Park. I may add on a 4th short run and either yoga or spin depending on the gym sitch...looong story which I will save for another post.

Also, on a side note this is my 300th post!!


kilax said...

Great pace at your 16! I did 16 this weekend and had arm chafing too. WTF, arm chafing. Sigh. :P

That is a super crowded 5K!

I did one of my training runs as a supported run in Central Park last year and LOVED it. Have a blast on your 18!!!

Mike said...

Hey Liz,

Great blog! I was in the Massapequa Preserve on Saturday as well! I started from my house in Massapequa and finished 15 miles.

We must have crossed paths. The heat has been so unbearable. It felt great to finish a long run and not feel miserable. The shade in the Preserve was awesome. have you run the path to Jones Beach? No shade, hot but a great run. Only about 8-9 miles back and forth to Cedar Creek Park

Good luck on your Central Park run. See you in the Preserve!