Friday, July 6, 2012

Mizuno Mezamashii - Say What?

I'm a sucker for good marketing, I'm a marketer my profession so when a campaign interests me I tend to get all excited.  Interestingly enough I haven't blogged much about work stuff, or advertising I like...I mainly bore you guys with running/food/boy stuff. 

I recently came across the Mizuno Mezamashii Run Project which at first confused me, but then I actually paid attention and got pretty into it.  Definetly check it out and sign up, it's free and if you get chosen you get free cool is that?? 

I'm secretly hoping I get chosen, I need new sneaks, my Asics aren't cutting it anymore and I've wanted to try Mizuno's for awhile now (shameless plug...pick me!!!!!).

Anyway, back to the weirdly named project - it's all about brilliant running, or that one run that makes you say THANK YOU BABY JESUS, I HEART RUNNING.  (yes, all in caps, just like that).  We've all had those runs, the ones that make you really, really love getting up at the crack of dawn, in the heat, snow, rain, ice, ect, just to log a few miles.  The one run that carries you through a tough week....I love those and OMG I NEED a brilliant run this weekend!  I'm looking at another super hot 14 miler and I'm scared....95 degrees and high humidity....again!  But I'll push though, I'm a runner!


Sarah said...

Yeah...96 on Saturday sounds like a lot of fun. And I just mistyped fun as run, so there you go. I'm glad I only have 9 on tap! Enjoy your 14 :-)

kilax said...

I hope you get some Mizunos! I do love those weekend long runs that leave you feeling like you can couquer the world! Even when you are dripping in sweat! :)