Monday, July 30, 2012

NYRR Long Training Run #1 - 18 Inspirational Miles!

Most inspirational run in ages...

You Are Your Best Investment

Become Your Dream

I love street art, I love running so when you mix those two inside one hell of an 18 mile run only good things are bound to happen, right?!?!

De La Vega

This is the second time I have run 18 miles in Central Park and both times were super humid.  This time around though I was better prepared and had an easier go of it.  For the most part I kept up with the 10:00 pace group which worked out, I never lost sight of my group but my average pace was 10:24, which for 18 hot, hilly miles I'll take (also better than last year which was a 10:43 pace).

I ran 3 loops (plus some): loop 1 was 6 miles, loops 2 and 3 were 5 miles each, with each loop ending at 102nd street where NYRR had set up refueling stations. The coolest part though was the De La Vega street art right around what I'm guessing was the Met.

The first piece of art I ran over was the phrase "you are your best investment" and how true is that! Especially when I've been struggling with food and running and almost wanting to give up and just eat pizza all day long.  But nope, I took that as a sign and it became my mantra for the rest of the day.  I have one shot at living my best life and becoming my dream, so I better take advantage now!

Form there I saw 2 more pieces, "Become Your Dream" and the fish bowl drawing. Both were fun and totally helped make my run all the more interesting.  I love running the park and especially running with different people.  I ran sans headphones and had a few smallish conversations with a few other runners, but for the most part we all just smiled and waved and silently keep each other going.  I had added on 2 miles to the last loop and passed one of my fellow pack runners, it was obvious he was going for 20 so I gave him an encouraging wahoo and he forged on with a big smile. I always say this, but it makes me so proud to be a part of the running community, I don't have to know you, but I know you, ya know :)

Afterward I chatted with another lady from my group who was training for her first marathon and then ran into some Massapequa Road Runner friends.  All in all it was a great day.

I got home around 1:00 and layed low then headed out to grab a new dress for dinner with my girls.  I also had a chocolate cookie but I am making it a point to be on my best sugar free behavior this week. Yesterday I was tired but I got in a very short elliptical session at the gym and hung out in the hot tub for a bit then off to the boy's sisters house at the beach for a big famly celebration (have I ever mentioned that he is one of 8 kids...and that I'm an only?  I think he wishes that he was an only, his family events are HUGE!). It was a perfect end to a loooong weekend, fun, beach family and food!  I'm a lucky girl!

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kilax said...

Awesome inspirations to see during such a long run! Great run too! :)