Monday, July 16, 2012

Lessons from Chicago Marathon training Cycle #1

Happy Monday to all you Monday lovers out there (yes, I am one of them)!

Sat was the end of training cycle #1, which OMG was hot and not easy! But every 4 weeks I get a little reprieve from the big, bad long runs and get to run a "short" long which was totally welcomed as it was yet again soupy and gross out.  I ran with the my old coach and the crew in the trails which I don't always love but was ok with.  Got through my 7 miles without seeing any snakes and saw some friends so it was a good time.

These next four weeks are going to be hard and long (twss) and I'm really trying hard not to psych myself out. I'm looking at 16, 18, 20 then back down to 8.  Yikes! I know I can do it, but I have to really be focused which for me is the real hard part.

For the most part I need to continue to focus on my food - limiting sugar which I think hurt me this first cycle, continue meal planning and grilling and focusing on whole foods.  It's more about the nutrition that the miles, ironically.  Uggh, why I can't I be the one runner in the world who can eat crap and run fast?  Training wise I need to add in some yoga, remember when I did that yoga challenge (don't worry, I sorta forgot too)?  Ya, need to get back to that! My biggest lesson is clearly that my running depends on what I eat, so Chips Ahoy's and icream is on the outs (although I am allowing myself Saturday's to indulge a little).

I'm hoping cycle 2 is a little easier and less humid, but I know and I will continue to say that these are training runs, they can't, wont and don't have to be good runs, they are all good as long as I can safely start and finish.

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