Friday, December 10, 2010

Yoga Challenge Update

I challenged myself to 30 days of yoga. I managed 19.

19 classes is more than half, so I feel like the challenge was a success! I suck at challenges, almost always quit before the halfway point. It's all part of my defiant nature. (For my FOB's I'm working step 6 on this shit!)

In all seriousness, I really do feel like this was a success, I made a ton of classes, went back to the hot yoga shala, tried out a new studio, met a few new teachers.

I never imagined that almost a year ago after that Ashram visit that I would really become a yogini. I though, well this is nice, I'll hang out with some hippies, practice a few asanas, eat big deal. Never would I imagine that I would have such a fire for yoga. It's so amazing the different paths we take and how those paths really can change the way we live life. I'm just amazed sometimes.

I sort of feel like like the challenge is still on - I would really like to plan out a month or a time where I can consecutively practice for 30 days in a class setting. I sort of haphazardly decided on this challenge, not really looking at my calendar/work sched. I'll figure it out, but for now I'm going to keep practicing as often as I can. I have some mini-goals that I would like to achieve...ahhemmm...headstand!!!

I did walk away with some awesome insights-

I can put my mind to something and do it (remember, I'm a bailer, so my 19 classes = success!)

Full wheele ROCKS!

I need to leave the gym more often and find other places to practice.

I love my gym and my amazing teachers.

All this breathing has really helped with my running.

Sex is better (holla!!!)

I love a heated room with no mirrors. I do not need to look at my arm flab while in warrior 2

So what's next? Maybe a 30 day gym program - I'm in need of weights and some different cardo (always along with running!!).

Stay tuned!

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