Thursday, December 2, 2010

SJB Run Your Turkey Off - 1st in AG!!

Ok, so it was a really small race, but I placed...and 1st no less!!!!

I actually hated everything about this run. I was not into it, my breathing was way off, I had lead legs, I think my pace was something like 9:04, not my best showing, but I placed in my AG nonetheless. Imagine that!

30 Day Yoga challenge - this has been really tough for me, but I have to say I have made more classes that not and I am constantly aware of my practice and what it means to me. Even though I haven't made a class a day, I still feel good and will continue to challenge myself. 10 days left - hoping to finish strong!

Flat and fast
Final time 22:36.5
Pace: 9:06
Weather: Cold and damp

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Y is for Yogini said...

keep up the awesome work with your 30-day challenge! :)