Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Food Police!!

Wow. I'm hungry, or just really into shitty-for-you foods.

If I told you guys what I ate today you may yell at me or call the food police. Seriously, but here goes...

I had a nice bowl of cereal, then some almonds, then Trader Joe's chicken marsala and spinach salad....all planned and all relatively healthy.

Then came DD, Iced coffee with a side of a pumpkin donut please.

Then the killer, a leftover Mc D's cheese burger.

I'm gross. And it's not even 3:00.

Thank god this is not a typical day and I guess I should be thankful that I'm back in my skinny pants (all of them thank-you-very-much). But woa, I cannot have another day like today.

Last night was a great night at Crossfit, I felt a little less like an idiot and more like a real Crossfitter. We did squat thrusts, box jumps and ring rows (everyone else did pull ups). Box jumps are really hard for me, and it's all mental which is super weird, but I'm proud to say that I graduated to the small box and killed it. Holler!

Mentally preparing myself for Sunday's 18 miler. I'm really excited for it, but am seriously considering picking up some compression gear for my calves. I can't wait to crush this distance.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting Close!

47 days till the Full Mary!

I'm getting excited. Not nervous, like at all, which I'm sure will happen sooner rather than later. I am a little afraid of getting hurt though, which considering I got caught up in a dog leash yesterday and almost rolled my ankle during Saturday's 12 miler is sort of funny.

So back to the 12 miler, I felt really good, especially the second half which was amazing considering I ate like shit all week at my national sales meeting and didn't run at all.

This week is a light run week, but I have to get back to Crossfit - the goal is 3 sessions, plus 2 3mi and 1 6mi runs. Sunday is the 18 miler in Central Park which I'm pretty psyched for.

Monday, September 12, 2011

16 Solo Miles!

So freaking amazed at myself, it's not even funny! I got in my 16 - longest distance EVER and I ran by myself! Wahooo!!

The plan was to try and find a group to run with as both my running partners had shorter distances planned, my running club was running 16 super early on Sun, which was a consideration, but I had a big party on Sat and I didn't want to stress about having to leave early, so I did what any marathoner in training would do and just powered through it!

I got up Sat around 8:30, headed out around 9 and got 'er done! I was pretty happy with my pace, I felt really good for most of the run, but I broke down a little around the end. My calves were killing me and I'm super paranoid about leg cramps so I really slowed down. I drank a ton, plus refilled my fuel belt a bunch and had some gels, but I think I was suffering because I didn't eat a single banana all week which has proved to be my saving grace in the cramp department. Lesson learned.

I got back to the house and felt like crap. My calves were throbbing and I was pretty nauseous, which does happen from time to time, so I just chalked it up to the long run. I'm going to play around with Gatorade in my fuel belt on my next long run and see if that helps. Aside from that, the run was great and I felt totally accomplished knowing that I did it by myself!

Here is the breakdown:
Split Time Avg Pace
1 0:10:13 10:13
2 0:10:14 10:14
3 0:10:16 10:16
4 0:10:10 10:10
5 0:10:17 10:17
6 0:10:03 10:03
7 0:10:02 10:02
8 0:10:11 10:11
9 0:10:17 10:17
10 0:10:17 10:17
11 0:10:15 10:15
12 0:10:31 10:31
13 0:10:28 10:28
14 0:11:03 11:03
15 0:11:40 11:40
16 0:11:05 11:05
17 0:00:02 8:29
Summary 2:47:12 10:26

(sorry the chart sucks, blogger is giving me a hard time)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hell Week

This was probably the first week since I started working with Bob that I didn't get in all my workouts. I may not do his workouts as prescribed all the time, but I try to get in most of my miles (although I always manage to miss or shorten at least one workout which we decided was ok), this week, OMG, this week...let's just say I failed miserably...

I ran exactly 2x: 3 miles on Monday and 3 very speedy miles on Wednesday. Last night was supposed to be Crossfit and another 3 miler, instead I was at work till 9. Oy. I wouldn't feel so bad if I weren't leaving for my companies national sales meeting where everyday starts at 8am - that's wicked early, but I can't let another week go with next to no midweek mileage. Pray for me people, pray!

Bob and I spoke and he basically told me as long as I'm doing something and not missing my long runs for these 2 weeks, I'll be fine. Whew! This is where a coach comes in handy.

On a huge side note, old clothes (in particular some of my skinny weight jeans and pants) are fitting me. Say What! I'm pretty psyched, and I now know why they say not to just go by the numbers on the scale (umm the scale sucks, I've pretty much been stuck at the same awful number). So a big congrats to myself. This makes me happy, which basically cancels out my meltdown yesterday over the boy (yes that one) that I thought I was over. Damn weekend rendezvous. All is better today, and according to him I'm no longer rocking crazy chick status. Um, ok.

And on tap for this weekend - a date and a 16 mile run, both haven't been officially planned, but both need to happen, stay tuned for deets.

Friday, September 2, 2011

When 10 Miles is the New Normal

10 miles before work?


Not sure when 10 miles became the new normal, but it did and I'm cracking up over it.

10 miles used to be a big deal to me. My first 10 miler ever was a huge milestone, that one holy-shit-I'm-actually-really-doing-this-I'm-a-runner kind of milestone.

I'm sure when I reach the 26.2 mark I'll have a similar experience along with tons of tears!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some Highlights

So busy, like barely can breath busy - but here are some highlights from the last week or so:

I turned 34

Long Island had an earthquake

We also had a hurricane

I ran 15 miles

Then 10 miles before said hurricane

Haven't been to Crossfit a ton, averaging 2x a week, need to kick it up to at least 3

Got new sneaks,a few hours before said hurricane (and it was packed!!!)

Saw Wicked on Broadway

Am texting like mad with new boy that I haven't met from #onlinedatingworld and I think I might like him. It also helps that we have a mutual friend, so I know he's not a serial killer.

Am pretty much over the old boy (thank god the back and forth for months is over!!!)

Of course, in poor blogger fashion I have no pics, but that's how I roll. And my 3 readers are OK with it.