Monday, September 12, 2011

16 Solo Miles!

So freaking amazed at myself, it's not even funny! I got in my 16 - longest distance EVER and I ran by myself! Wahooo!!

The plan was to try and find a group to run with as both my running partners had shorter distances planned, my running club was running 16 super early on Sun, which was a consideration, but I had a big party on Sat and I didn't want to stress about having to leave early, so I did what any marathoner in training would do and just powered through it!

I got up Sat around 8:30, headed out around 9 and got 'er done! I was pretty happy with my pace, I felt really good for most of the run, but I broke down a little around the end. My calves were killing me and I'm super paranoid about leg cramps so I really slowed down. I drank a ton, plus refilled my fuel belt a bunch and had some gels, but I think I was suffering because I didn't eat a single banana all week which has proved to be my saving grace in the cramp department. Lesson learned.

I got back to the house and felt like crap. My calves were throbbing and I was pretty nauseous, which does happen from time to time, so I just chalked it up to the long run. I'm going to play around with Gatorade in my fuel belt on my next long run and see if that helps. Aside from that, the run was great and I felt totally accomplished knowing that I did it by myself!

Here is the breakdown:
Split Time Avg Pace
1 0:10:13 10:13
2 0:10:14 10:14
3 0:10:16 10:16
4 0:10:10 10:10
5 0:10:17 10:17
6 0:10:03 10:03
7 0:10:02 10:02
8 0:10:11 10:11
9 0:10:17 10:17
10 0:10:17 10:17
11 0:10:15 10:15
12 0:10:31 10:31
13 0:10:28 10:28
14 0:11:03 11:03
15 0:11:40 11:40
16 0:11:05 11:05
17 0:00:02 8:29
Summary 2:47:12 10:26

(sorry the chart sucks, blogger is giving me a hard time)

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