Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some Highlights

So busy, like barely can breath busy - but here are some highlights from the last week or so:

I turned 34

Long Island had an earthquake

We also had a hurricane

I ran 15 miles

Then 10 miles before said hurricane

Haven't been to Crossfit a ton, averaging 2x a week, need to kick it up to at least 3

Got new sneaks,a few hours before said hurricane (and it was packed!!!)

Saw Wicked on Broadway

Am texting like mad with new boy that I haven't met from #onlinedatingworld and I think I might like him. It also helps that we have a mutual friend, so I know he's not a serial killer.

Am pretty much over the old boy (thank god the back and forth for months is over!!!)

Of course, in poor blogger fashion I have no pics, but that's how I roll. And my 3 readers are OK with it.

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