Thursday, August 25, 2011

Longest Run Ever! NYRR Long Training Run

Sun I ran my longest run ever...15.18 miles! Thanks to the awesome people at NYRR I was able to get in an amazing training run with new running partner. I could have gone longer (I think) but followed my plan and stayed with the 15. Weird thing is my next 2 long runs are both 13 miles, although my weekly average is higher. Marathon training is strange, one coach differs from another, I'm trying to sync plans with new partner but hers calls for 18 miles this week....hmm.

Overall I felt really strong. I averaged a 10:28 pace and was consistent in my splits. My HR was also manageable which was a huge plus, all that HR training has really paid off. I also got a good dose of hill training in, man those mothers were killer! Really loving my training right now, who would have thought?!

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Sarah said...

Great job! It sounds like you are really enjoying your training!!