Friday, August 5, 2011

Fitness Friday

I love running early in the morning, even though lately I can barely get up...

I made plans to run 90 minutes with gym partner (we have been recently reunited). While I train by distance, she goes by time, but since we were running in the 10's so I could monitor my heart rate it worked. Gym Partner is speedy, so I felt bad, but we were consistent and finished the 9 at a pace of 10:18 and she felt good. She's tri training, so the pace worked.

I wish I took some pics, but the morning was so amazingly peaceful and calm. We ran the normally busy Montauk HWY from Babylon to Bay Shore and back. It's a straight run that I love, no turns no twists, just the calmness of the road and some nice scenery along the way.

Tonight I head back to Crossfit for the last of my Foundations training. I'm not exactly sure what I am getting myself into, but so far I'm really liking it. I can tell that CF will push me to limits that I can't get to alone. I just hope I don't get injured...I have never really been fearful of injury (except for when skiing) but I have heard some major injury stories with CF. Crossing fingers!

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