Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Queens Half Recap and Pics!

I'm going to start my negative post off with a super hot pic of myself. Ya know, just to stroke my ego after a TERRIBLE race.

Ok, I feel better now. And I should say that pic was taken at a friends annual Maryland Crab Feast a few hours after I wanted to die. Not bad, huh?

So yes, race report.

My official Garmin time: 2:21:05, 10:26 pace

My official Garmin distance: 13.52 (a lot of people complained the course was off and it was funny to hear all the "garmin chirps" going off at the same time, so I know my Garmin was not acting up!)

Official weather: Hot as hell!

I will say that I started off strong, with high hopes to come close to my PR. I mean, I've been kicking ass with my training, so why not, right? RIGHT!!

All jokiness aside, the heat was what did me in. It was hot, parts of it were for me, unbearable with no shade. I also had to pee, bad...even after I waited on this ridiculously long porta-potty line:

I won't do a mile by mile recap, but some highlights were the pee brake in an unauthorized porta-potty right by City Field at mile 6, my death march walk during mile 10 and on a serious note, all the awesome volunteers who made sure I had plenty of fluids which came in handy as I walked the water stops (which I believe is what saved me from heat stroke).

I was bummed and a little sad, my coach wanted this to be a training run, but I had other expectations. And to be honest, I was bummed out that I had no fans on the course (call me a whambulance!!) and the only person who even cared that I was running was my little cat Olive Marie (that's right, full dramatics in this post!!). I'm still a little bummed, but I know that I can't let one bad run define my running abilities or my goals for the full. I can and will kill my training and I will get through the full - now I just need to work on my expectations!!!

Oh, and I finally picked up my bike form the shop, where she has lived for over a year! Crazy!

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Sarah said...

I thought of you that morning. It was gross out. On the plus, it looks like a great course! All the pics I have seen around the unisphere look so cool! And did you hear Lady Gaga was spectating?!
Great job pushing through :-)