Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Robert Moses 5K

Last night was the 3rd race in the Summer Series. I was pretty excited to run as I missed last weeks race and I really have no idea what my 5k time is these days. This run is always a favorite of mine as it is at my most favorite beach and the crowd is always fun.

I will start off by saying that although I am not disappointed with my time, I think I could have pushed it a bit more...although pushing it freaks me out a little, I always think I will time out before the race ends....or go into cardiac arrest...who knows, but I do tend to hold back a little (except for that first mile when I usually go out too fast....balance baby!!)

I think I need to start wearing my garmin as I am super confused as to which time to go by - they do a net (which calculates time for when you cross the start) and a gun (which goes by gun start). I'm thinking I should go by net as that is the most accurate.....anyway here are my times: 29.15 net and 29.30 gun (pace based on gun time 9.33).

Next week is a 4K...it's quick and fast and I am going to push my limits....fingers crossed!

PS...anyone know what happened to the blog Training for a Half? She vanished.....hope everything is OK, but I will surely miss her daily posts!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

D.C. Baby!

One of the best things for me about running is when I get a chance to run in a totally new place....somehow the newness makes the whole run better - better times, longer distances, even my clothes fit better :)

I spent the majority of the past week in D.C. for work and was able to manage a few runs...which believe me is a difficult thing when working a trade show....the feet kill after a long day of hawking goods!!

We stayed at the Omni which overlooks Rock Creek State Park. An awesome spot to get a feel for D.C. as well as a nice run (although the hotel is a bit out of the way from the monuments, you can get a feel for D.C. neighborhoods). The park itself is really nice, it follows the Rock Creek Parkway (I think) and has some nice little hills. I'm used to the great big parks in NY, so this was different from what I was used to but so, so beautiful! It may have something to do with the tons of rain this month, but everything was so green and lush. The only down side to my park run was the crazy rain I got stuck in with about a mile or so left of my run. It was BRUTAL, but also refreshing due to the high humidity (see, back home that would have been so killer, but away, not so much).

Another cool thing about running in new spots has to be the new running specialty shops! Due to the crazy rainy run, my sneaks were SOAKED and upon further inspection, a little too worn for my own good, so I asked the concierge if there were any specialty shops nearby and off to Fleet Feet I went! The store was great and the staff so helpful. At first I felt bad for cheating on my shop, but I was on a kick and really wanted to get another D.C. run in before I left. I though I was just going to run in and get my trusty Asics, but I decided to test run a few new shoes and ended up with Sauconys which so far I really like. I wish I would have gotten a Fleet Feet technical shirt, but I can always go back!!

The rest of the trip (meaning the non-running parts) was really great. I got to see the monuments and the White House, plus some great dinners with work associates.

I'm definitely going back....and am determined to run Rock Creek in the sunshine...if the sun ever comes out again!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Run 2009!!

Last night was the start of the Summer Series, which I absolutely love. I was really able to see steady improvement last year with the weekly runs and since I have crazy time goals this year, I can't wait to see how I improve over the course of the series.

The difference between this year and last year is that I am a year out with the torn ACL. Every race last year was hard, but I steadily improved my times from a first 5k race (post tear, 1 month after the injury) where I think my pace was close to 12:15 to a final race (the PO 5k) of 8:53....which was my PR that I am determined to beat!!

Last night was a 5 miler at Heckscher State Park, it was a nice night, a cool 60 degrees, which was nice considering I was baking at the Mini 10k on Sunday! There were a ton of people racing so from experience I knew to start with the 8 minute pace group (any further back I would have been dodging walkers...). The first few miles were a little tough, I was a little sore from Sun and a little mentally beat up from my terrible time (now I think it's terrible, yesterday it was 'not so bad'). I managed to squeak out some positive thoughts and got in a nice groove. I finished in a respectable 47:28.

The last race of the series is also a 5 miler, I need to have a time goal for that one, maybe a 42:00 minute race? Who knows....it could happen!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

NYRR Mini 10k

Yesterday was the NYRR Mini 10k...and it was HARD...well for me anyway. I basically had my worst 10k time EVER (1:03:50!!!!!)! But really, when I think about it, my time wasn't that bad...it just wasn't great.

First off, I was hungry, a little dizzy, fighting off a sore throat and it was hot. Not a great combo. Miles 1-3 were OK, but I pretty much deteriorated from there. I'm used to the hills, and I ran just about all of them, I think I stopped and power walked the top of the last one, but I was pretty disappointed with mile 5 - which I walked on and off for about half of. I really never walk when I'm running a race....so that was a bummer.

On a happy note, I got a medal at the end which I wasn't expecting and saw some of my blogger friends which was awesome! I was actually running next to Christy for a little bit and was so psyched when I saw her after the race where I also met Michelle.

The rest of the day was nice and relaxing, hung at the beach and had dinner with my parents...

Tonight is the start of the NYS Park Summer Run Series!!! This is my absolute favorite run series!! Basically we run at a different state park every Monday. So fun!

And in close....a terrible race pic of me...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

NYC Marathon

Today is the day, yes that day....the day the NYRR announces the winners of the ING NYC Marathon lottery.

I am nervously crossing my fingers hoping that I get in.....although the slacker version of myself is like nooooooo not a marathon, continue on with your slacker ways...

They make the announcement at noon.....stay tuned!!

****Update, I didn't get in....