Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Robert Moses 5K

Last night was the 3rd race in the Summer Series. I was pretty excited to run as I missed last weeks race and I really have no idea what my 5k time is these days. This run is always a favorite of mine as it is at my most favorite beach and the crowd is always fun.

I will start off by saying that although I am not disappointed with my time, I think I could have pushed it a bit more...although pushing it freaks me out a little, I always think I will time out before the race ends....or go into cardiac arrest...who knows, but I do tend to hold back a little (except for that first mile when I usually go out too fast....balance baby!!)

I think I need to start wearing my garmin as I am super confused as to which time to go by - they do a net (which calculates time for when you cross the start) and a gun (which goes by gun start). I'm thinking I should go by net as that is the most accurate.....anyway here are my times: 29.15 net and 29.30 gun (pace based on gun time 9.33).

Next week is a 4K...it's quick and fast and I am going to push my limits....fingers crossed!

PS...anyone know what happened to the blog Training for a Half? She vanished.....hope everything is OK, but I will surely miss her daily posts!!

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