Tuesday, June 23, 2009

D.C. Baby!

One of the best things for me about running is when I get a chance to run in a totally new place....somehow the newness makes the whole run better - better times, longer distances, even my clothes fit better :)

I spent the majority of the past week in D.C. for work and was able to manage a few runs...which believe me is a difficult thing when working a trade show....the feet kill after a long day of hawking goods!!

We stayed at the Omni which overlooks Rock Creek State Park. An awesome spot to get a feel for D.C. as well as a nice run (although the hotel is a bit out of the way from the monuments, you can get a feel for D.C. neighborhoods). The park itself is really nice, it follows the Rock Creek Parkway (I think) and has some nice little hills. I'm used to the great big parks in NY, so this was different from what I was used to but so, so beautiful! It may have something to do with the tons of rain this month, but everything was so green and lush. The only down side to my park run was the crazy rain I got stuck in with about a mile or so left of my run. It was BRUTAL, but also refreshing due to the high humidity (see, back home that would have been so killer, but away, not so much).

Another cool thing about running in new spots has to be the new running specialty shops! Due to the crazy rainy run, my sneaks were SOAKED and upon further inspection, a little too worn for my own good, so I asked the concierge if there were any specialty shops nearby and off to Fleet Feet I went! The store was great and the staff so helpful. At first I felt bad for cheating on my shop, but I was on a kick and really wanted to get another D.C. run in before I left. I though I was just going to run in and get my trusty Asics, but I decided to test run a few new shoes and ended up with Sauconys which so far I really like. I wish I would have gotten a Fleet Feet technical shirt, but I can always go back!!

The rest of the trip (meaning the non-running parts) was really great. I got to see the monuments and the White House, plus some great dinners with work associates.

I'm definitely going back....and am determined to run Rock Creek in the sunshine...if the sun ever comes out again!


Jess said...

Look at you go! I can't say I love running like you do - Not yet anyway!

Karena said...

Hi! Just came across your blog - Rock Creek Park is a fantastic place to run! Fleet Feet is a great neighborhood shop...it's owned by the mayor's parents and they even set up a makeshift water stop during the National Marathon/Half Marathon! Glad to hear you enjoyed your DC trip :)