Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Saratoga Recap (another reason why I love running)

Reason 8,889 why I love running....winning free trips to Saratoga Springs just because I ran a few races!! This past summer I participated in the NYS Parks Summer Run Series and after every race they raffle off an all expense paid weekend to the very fancy Gideon Putnam Resort for free!!! Technically I didn't win, but my friend did and transferred the trip to me, which I guess is like winning, just in a different way. Anyway, I took my mom with me and we had an absolutely wonderful weekend.

Although the weekend is all about running (after all, everyone who was there was there because they ran in the series) I managed to have a lot of non running, great food and an awesome mineral bath at the Roosevelt Baths. The only downside (if you could even call it that) was the was FREEZING!! I don't think it ever went above 22 degrees!

Most of my club was there which was nice, I had a built in running group at all times. On Sat. morning there was a 5k in the beautiful Saratoga State Park trails. I ran pretty conservatively because of the uneven terrain (I'm still waaaay too cautious with the knee) finishing in 28:45 which I was really happy with.

All in all it was a really fun trip, and the price was right! It was so good that mom is even considering participating in the series next year so she can possibly win the weekend.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Early AM Run

Well, slacker no more!!! I was up and out by 5:45 this morning for a 5 mile run. Not too shabby!! It's pretty cold, and still dark at that hour, but I had a great run with 2 friends from my club. We ran in Amityville down to the bay beach back up to Sunrise highway. The cherry on top was seeing the sunrise over the Great South Bay, other than that I was a little winded! My body is not used to running in the morning. I still managed a 9:30 pace, but it was a little harder than I expected. I need to rethink how I run....what fuel I need, how much awake time I need....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Hate Posts Like This One!

I hate to say this, but I always come clean on the blog...I'm slacking a little. I can say that I am taking care of me knee, and to a degree I am , but I am really only running 3x per week...and doing nothing else...except maybe eating Ralph's Ices (which are the best things in the world).

Last week started out OK, ran Sun (I think), off Mon, Tue track, Weds 6 miles of hills with my club, then I think nothing until Sat, which was maybe 4 miles. So far this week, nothing, unless you count 2.45 miles on the treadmill. I could do no more, I was crazy hot, bored and dizzy. I hate the mill, but it's been really cold and dark and I am having trouble getting up in the mornings.

So what to do, what to do.... I am scheduled to run at 6am tomorrow with my club, so I am hoping that meeting people in the morning will give me the motivation to actually get up. I am going to attempt the mill again tonight. I am off Fri so I can try and get a quick one in before my drive up to Saratoga, then a 5k in Saratoga on Sat. So hopefully instead of being a slacker, I will end this week as an overachiever!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Track Workout - Week 2

Ok, so my huge love of the track may have been a one time deal only...

Yesterday the workout was tough! It was also freezing and I really ran my hardest (last time my knee was pretty bad so I took it easier than I should), which is probably why I was not loving it as much. Don't get me wrong, this is probably one of the best things I could do for my running, and I really do love it, but last night hurt! My poor hammies and even my glutes were screaming after each 300 meter, but at the end of it I felt great.

Tonight I am meeting my club to run hills in Farmingdale (who knew there were hills in Farmingdale!) . We are hoping to get in around 6 miles. I haven't run with them in ages, so it should be a good time.

I have to start planning for some races. I guess the biggest is the Long Island Half in May, which will be my first half (unless I do one sooner). But I may schedule in some 5k's to keep the winter interesting.

Was reading a fellow bloggers post about SAD and have to say that I am feeling pretty positive about the time change and there being no light when I get home. I am working around it by running in the dark (well, on a lighted track) and trying to get some early runs in. It's a little hard for me to get up early, but I figure I can squeak out 2 morning runs. I have to remind myself that if I am serious about training, 2 early morning won't kill me (I hope)!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Track Workouts

Whoa, so I participated in my first track workout last night and I ABSOLUTELY loved it!! The first 45 minutes was all drills - high kicks, karaoke, skips, high skips, prancing...all that kind of good stuff. Then came the track portion, 300 meter repeats. ....I now have a new respect for the track, but I have to say this was the best thing ever! There are 2 coaches (who I guess are now my coaches) who run the program (through LITF). They meet every Tue. so my plan is to try and make 2 or 3 a month as I have some other commitments on Tue. that I would like to try and keep.

I was a little nervous about the knee as I have been feeling some pain and am now thinking that I may need surgery, which if necessary, I will plan after ski season, but it held up and I felt pretty strong. They broke us up into 2 groups, advanced and not so....I was in the not so, but was running considerably faster than the group. I was in 2nd for all of the sprints which was nice.

Now about the knee, I'm RICING it and trying to not wear heels which I think aggravates it. I'm also taking a break from spinning which is why it's bugging me. Going back to the ortho next month so he can look at the new crazy brace and make sure it fits correctly. Still not sure how I'm going to ski in that thing, but anything is better than not being able to ski!