Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Track Workout - Week 2

Ok, so my huge love of the track may have been a one time deal only...

Yesterday the workout was tough! It was also freezing and I really ran my hardest (last time my knee was pretty bad so I took it easier than I should), which is probably why I was not loving it as much. Don't get me wrong, this is probably one of the best things I could do for my running, and I really do love it, but last night hurt! My poor hammies and even my glutes were screaming after each 300 meter, but at the end of it I felt great.

Tonight I am meeting my club to run hills in Farmingdale (who knew there were hills in Farmingdale!) . We are hoping to get in around 6 miles. I haven't run with them in ages, so it should be a good time.

I have to start planning for some races. I guess the biggest is the Long Island Half in May, which will be my first half (unless I do one sooner). But I may schedule in some 5k's to keep the winter interesting.

Was reading a fellow bloggers post about SAD and have to say that I am feeling pretty positive about the time change and there being no light when I get home. I am working around it by running in the dark (well, on a lighted track) and trying to get some early runs in. It's a little hard for me to get up early, but I figure I can squeak out 2 morning runs. I have to remind myself that if I am serious about training, 2 early morning won't kill me (I hope)!!

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tfh said...

Way to stay positive about the time change! I figure if I can do the same thing and just make myself get up early and keep up the running, it will be easier.

I've found freezing temps make my speedwork harder, and slower-- I think it must be harder to breathe? Have fun running hills tonight!