Thursday, January 30, 2014

Woops, Forgot to post My Dec Recap!

Wow, December FLEW by!!!! 

In a nutshell...

Christmas, really awesome, lots of cool gifts exchanged and received (I love the giving part a little more though, seeing loved ones excited about a gift rocks).

NYE, it sort of sucked, which I think is normal. I'm always in a funky space, expectations out of control, me and the boy a little on edge....typical. I should add, the party we went to did not suck, in fact it was the perfect quiet night with friends.

Working out, hmm...let's see....I got in a few Crossfit sessions, I ran some miles, the longest being 8 miles in the snow in Central Park (amazing).  I went back to spin and embraced the 'mill. Oh and I placed first in the Athena category at the Ho Ho Ho run!  Not a PR, although I was only off by about 30 seconds which completely amazed me.

Weight, gained back those same damn 3 pounds.  I'm back to square one.  Nutritionist tomorrow.  Why do I suck at losing weight???? 

Random, Ranger game with front row (literally behind the bench) seats, executive suite. Pink concert with my dad, also up in the suites, a party with the coolest tri team around.

I'd say Dec was a hit!

Goodbye January!

January, where did you go....and of course I'm a posting slacker....just keeping it consistent :)

Here is the low down on the month -

Ran some longs (7 and 8 miles in Central Park), the Sayville Run to The Brewery 10 miler. No Crossfit and barely any miles the last 2.5 weeks.

I skied a bunch.

I gave a kick ass 2 hour work presentation at my national sales meeting.

I ate amazing meals (Peekamoose!).

I cut back on wheat (I think I broke my denial, ya, it's annoying me too).

I saw Gabrielle Bernstein with my BFF Amy from CT.  While it wasn't as life changing for me as others, I enjoyed her message and have really gotten into listening to her podcasts. 

Girls is back on, and I'm digging the new season.

Lastly, a  fellow runner was hit by a car in very dense fog and didn't make it,  My hills team ran in his honor at the Brew Run, while I didn't personally know him, my heart still hurts.  Runners, we need to be safe! Drivers, look around and DON'T TEXT! I swear running has made me a better driver!