Friday, September 9, 2011

Hell Week

This was probably the first week since I started working with Bob that I didn't get in all my workouts. I may not do his workouts as prescribed all the time, but I try to get in most of my miles (although I always manage to miss or shorten at least one workout which we decided was ok), this week, OMG, this week...let's just say I failed miserably...

I ran exactly 2x: 3 miles on Monday and 3 very speedy miles on Wednesday. Last night was supposed to be Crossfit and another 3 miler, instead I was at work till 9. Oy. I wouldn't feel so bad if I weren't leaving for my companies national sales meeting where everyday starts at 8am - that's wicked early, but I can't let another week go with next to no midweek mileage. Pray for me people, pray!

Bob and I spoke and he basically told me as long as I'm doing something and not missing my long runs for these 2 weeks, I'll be fine. Whew! This is where a coach comes in handy.

On a huge side note, old clothes (in particular some of my skinny weight jeans and pants) are fitting me. Say What! I'm pretty psyched, and I now know why they say not to just go by the numbers on the scale (umm the scale sucks, I've pretty much been stuck at the same awful number). So a big congrats to myself. This makes me happy, which basically cancels out my meltdown yesterday over the boy (yes that one) that I thought I was over. Damn weekend rendezvous. All is better today, and according to him I'm no longer rocking crazy chick status. Um, ok.

And on tap for this weekend - a date and a 16 mile run, both haven't been officially planned, but both need to happen, stay tuned for deets.

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