Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Am a Running God!

Photo Credit: Maryann Harkins via

This is one of the many hills that I DOMINATED last night!  Feels so great to be back on that course!  If there is one thing I know, hill training works.  Not only do they make you stronger and faster but the hills have magcal powers that can turn you into a running god (ok, maybe in my own mind, but still!).

Finally after a 2 month hiatus I got back to the Hills.  It was a great run, always humbling, those bad boys are LARGE.  I've had some crappy hot and humid training runs so I needed a good hill run to remind me that runs are supposed to be challenging and that I can and do have good runs from time to time.

I'm not sure of my splits but I kept my pace steady, only walked up one very steep section and basically kicked ass.  I'm a happy runner girl today!


kilax said...

WTG! That is one hill of many?! You are a Running God!

Sarah said...

OMG. My runner-neighbor was telling me about the hills in Selden. That is badass!