Friday, May 4, 2012

Food Coaches And Hill Training

Some new and not so new "New" stuff is happening in my world and I'm pretty excited about it!

The first being I hired a food coach.  My friend Sheila is just about done with her program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition so she agreed to take me on as a client.  So what is a food coach?  Basically someone to help me on my journey, to provide some tips and suggestions, but most importantly someone for me to be accountable to.  If  I learned anything during marathon training it's that I needed the coach to help get me going, otherwise I would have stalled on my training.  I found out first hand that accountability and reporting in to someone works and it has carried over to my training today.  It's an automatic given that I will hit my miles and get 'er done every week...although I'm not with my coach, we still talk but I'm now a full fledged self supporting athlete and I attribute that to working with Bob for those 5 months or so.

Ok, so back to the food coach, I'm not really sure what we will be doing but I have agreed to work with her for about 6 months.  The plan is to meet 2x per month to evaluate where I am and for her to show me her magical nutrition skills.  We met last week and my homework was to limit the whites and log all my food.  I'm a pro at logging and I'm getting better with the no white thing.  We decided that I would limit not eliminate and for now it seems to be working. My start weight was 167 and as of my official Mon weigh in I'm at 162. Not too shabby.

I'm excited to see how this goes.  I'm feeling like this is my year, err summer to clean up my food and get to a good for me weight.  I'm not fixated on a specific number, I really just want to wear a bikini which is something I have never done.

Some other new stuff, although I have mentioned it before, has been the addition of hill training to my weekly workouts.  I seriously should have been hill training all last year while training for the marathon...I missed the boat on that.  Not this year!  I just linked up with the Selden Hills Warriors and run with them every Weds.  It's definitely the most challenging 10k course I have even ran.  It's hard, I'm generally at the back of the pack, but I love every second of it. This week I felt so much stronger (until I though I might crap my pants, sorry, TMI) A few of the guys commented on my progress which is always cool.  This has to be the friendliest group of runners ever,  It's a little far from my house, but it's so worth it!

Oh, and I'm super excited for the Half on Sun, new course for me, first half of the season....all good stuff!!

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kilax said...

I am so excited you are working with a food coach! And it sounds like you are off to a good start :)

Good for you for doing hill training. That is going to make running so much easier, overall! :)