Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oh April, Where Did You Go?

It's been quite the month, lots of stuff happened which led me to be a little quiet on the blogging front. But WOW, when I think about it, the month flew by!  I had a hefty list of goals to conquer and while I didn't make them all, I'm happy with the progress made.

First things first, I'm down about 5 pounds! FINALLY. 

Here is the story with that - stomach flu was the catalyst (yuck), I gave up caffeine (14 days!), decided to commit to working with a health coach (yay for accountability) and have really cleaned up my food (limiting all whites big time).

Hooray for me.

Ok, so the other goals...well let's just say I was crazy in my head, no yoga, didn't commit to a tri but I did kick a little ass at work, I ran the hills and got in one swim per week. Boom!

Ok May, here is is....

Continue to lose weight
Continue to kick work's ass
Stretch or get back to yoga, I'm waaaay too tight
Get on the bike
Smile more often
Keep up with my morning readings to help stay out of my head, feel my feelings about the breakup (woa sappy)

Tonight I'm back to the hills then a swim tomorrow then rest or light activity...Long Island Half is Sunday and while I'm using it as a training run, I don't want to have dead legs. I'm excited for this race, have never ran it and it's a biggie.  I'll rep my new "hills" team shirt and hopefuly kick some ass!

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